University of the Philippines Association of Karate

Welcome to UPAK's Official Website!            

UPAK is open for new trainees (UP or non-UP) all-year long. 

Just show up during training and ask to join. Promise we'll warmly accommodate you!

Our dojo is located at Vanguard Rooftop, DMST Complex. Training is every Wednesday and Friday, 6:00 pm.

  • wear white shirt/ white sports shirt; jogging pants/ jazz pants (shorts and jeans not allowed) or a karate-gi (karate uniform) with your white belt   
  • bring a change of clothes, towel and a bottle of water (there are no stalls nor water dispensers nearby
  • no need for shoes, we train barefoot

We rarely cancel training sessions but if you're not sure if we have training during the day you want to drop by, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you have other concerns, do contact us through sms:

  • 09178937422 (Ma'am Erica) or 

  • 09297716048 (Nikolai)

You can also visit our facebook page (click image), we reply within 24 hours.


We don't believe in having an application process. White belts are treated as probationary members. If you have the guts to join trainings then you're already part of the team after you're promoted to yellow belt. We'll be expecting to see you regularly. 

UPAK won't stand in your way with regards to school work. We believe academics always comes first. After all, you're here in the university to become an academic student, right?

For new members and interested applicants, you can check the following articles to guide you at the start of your training:

~ Karate101~       ~Karate Philosophy~      ~Karate Courtesy and Traditions~      ~Club Guidelines~


How to Reach the Vanguard Rooftop

The 3rd floor (rooftop) of Vanguard Building, Department of Military Science and Tactics (DMST) Complex is located along Ylanan Street beside the DMST Quadrangle. The quadrangle is stationed at Ylanan St. corner Magsaysay Ave. flanked by the UP Alumni Center, UP College of Music and the Center for Women's Studies.

You can reach the building aboard the Ikot jeepney (or Katipunan Jeepney if you boarded from Katipunan) and then walk along Ylanan street towards Commonwealth Avenue. There's only one three-storeyed building on your left so it's impossible to miss.  

From Philcoa ride the UP-Philcoa, UP-Pantranco, or UP-SM North jeepneys entering the university and  get down near the Oblation in front of Quezon Hall. Walk along Ylanan Street towards Commonwealth Ave past Magsaysay Ave. The last building on your left before you reach Commonwealth Ave. is the Vanguard Building.