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Unit Seven begins January 28

Unit Six--Fractions and Their Uses; Chance and Probability

Topics covered will include :

7.1 Review of Basic Fraction Concepts
7.2 Fractions of Sets
7.3 Probabilities When Outcomes are Equally Likely                                                            
7.4 Pattern Block Fractions
7.5 Fraction Addition and Subtraction
7.6 Many Names for Fractions
7.7 Equivalent Fractions
7.8 Fractions and Decimals
7.9  Comparing Fractions
7.10 The ONE for Fractions
7.11 Probability, Fractions, and Spinners 
 7.12 A Cube Drop               Experiment                                           

Unit Seven Resources

 Use these sites to supplement the work we do in this unit:

Mr Curran's How-to Videos: 

Fourth Grade Resources--Choose an activity that corresponds to the section we're working on.

Even More Resources--More activities that fit perfectly with Unit 3.

Great Website for Kids of All Ages

This page has games for almost every topic you can think of.  A great way to build math skills at home and over the summer.

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