Curran-pedia is an online encyclopedia created for kids, by kids. 


In this project students will create entries in this encyclopedia by writing about things they already know a lot about AND by researching things they are interested in.


During this project, they will build technology, research and note-taking skills. They'll also learn about citing sources and photographs.


  1. Gather at least three facts about a topic of their choice from an Internet source. (Be sure to copy the URL of the source.) A good source to use is Wikipedia.
  2. Type the facts into the correct Curran-pedia page on our class wiki. But be sure to put the facts in your own words.
  3. Add a relevant image, if possible. (You'll need the URL of the image, as well)
  4. Type "By:____" (first name only) so we know who to give credit to.
  5. Remember to click SAVE when you're done editing the page! And be careful not to accidentally erase or change someone else's work.

All of this is done on the Curran-pedia page on the Class Wiki.

The Class Wiki can be accessed at home by following these directions.

*To add an image, students must first download (i.e. save) it to their computer. Then it must be uploaded to the class wiki. We walked through this in class, but it might be too challenging to do independently right now.

NOTE: This idea is adapted from a project created by Ben Rimes, a teacher in Mattawan, Michigan. He called his project Kidpedia.