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E-mail: inheechoi1@uos.ac.kr


서울특별시 동대문구 서울시립대로 163 자연과학관, Office-317호/ Lab-504호

2019. 01. 31.  Yunjung and Seungki's work was accepted in Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (IF: 4.841).

2018 11. 24-30  We attended MRS fall meeting in Boston.  Seungki completed his first oral presentation and Chang min and Yunjeong  performed  poster presentation, respectively! Good job!!! *^^*

2018 11.8  Chang Min's work was selected as Frontispiece paper of Small.  Congratulations!!! *^^*

2018 10. 24-26  We attended KICHE fall meeting.  Yunjeong won the best oral presentation prize and Hyo Sil won the best poster presentation prize, respectively! Congratulations!!! *^^*

2018. 10. 07.  Chang Min's work was published in Small (IF: 9.598).

2018. 10. 04 Our collaborative research team (Korea Univ., Kunkuk Univ., and us) will be supported from Samsung Research Funding & Incubation Center for Future Technology (삼성 미래기술육성사업) for developing nex-gen microfluidic intracellular delivery platforms. 

2018. 10. 01.  Seungki's work was published in European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (IF: 4.491).

2018. 08. 22.  Yunjung's work was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (IF: 8.097).

2018. 08. 13  Jung A & Chang Min won the Best Paper Awards (최우수 논문상) from our university.

2018 07. 11-13  We attended Nano Korea 2018.  Seungki won the  Best poster presentation prize!

2018. 06. 01 Our lab will be supported from Amore Pacific (아모레퍼시픽)

2018 05. 16-18  We attended Korea Biochip Society spring meeting.  Jung  A won the  Springer best poster presentation prize!

2018 04. 25-27  Jung A & Yunjeong attended KICHE spring meeting.  Jung A gave her first oral presentation talk and Yunjeong won the  best poster presentation prize!

2018. 04. 17.  Jung A's work was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (IF: 8.097).

2018. 04. 17.  Chang Min 's work was published in Analytical Chemistry (IF: 6.042).

2018 01. 10  Professor Choi won the  Women Science Early Career Award (Women'sBioscienceForum-코스맥스 여성과학 약진상).

2017 11. 7-9 
We attended Korea BioChip Society fall meeting (추계한국바이오칩학회) and Professor Choi won the  Young Investigator Award (신인 학술상).

2017 9. 20-22 
We attended Clean Technology  fall meeting and Yunjung's work won the best poster presentation prize.

2017. 7. 18. 2017년 나노팹시설활용지원사업 선정

2017 7. 12-14 We attended Nano Korea 2017 symposium and Chang Min's work won the best poster presentation prize.

2017. March & May  Yura and Hye Young joined companies named Ellead and Chong Kun Dang. 


2017. 04. 18. Our recent paper was selected as a back cover article in Chemical CommunicationsCongratulations!!!*^^*

2017. 3. 20.  Yura's work ("Determination of nanomolar levels of reactive oxygen species in microorganisms and aquatic environments using a single nanoparticle-based optical sensor") was accepted in Analytica Chimica Acta (IF: 4.712).

2017. 3. 16.  Hye Young 's work ("Gold nanoparticle-mediated rapid in vitro assay of anti-aggregation reagents for amyloid β and its validation") was accepted in Chemical Communications (IF: 6.567).

2017. 1. 11.  Hye Young & Jung A's work ("Rapid and high-throughput colorimetric screening for anti-aggregation reagents of protein conformational diseases by using gold nanoplasmonic particles") was accepted in Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine (IF: 5.671).

2016. 12. 30. Sang A & Hye Young's collaborative work ("Gold Nanoparticles as Nucleation-Inducing Reagents for Protein Crystallization") was accepted in Crystal Growth & Design (IF: 4.425).

2016. 11. 11. Our collaborative work with Seoul National University ("Real-Time Optical Monitoring of Pt Catalyst Under the Potentiodynamic Conditions") was accepted in Scientific Reports (IF: 5.228).

2016 10. 26-28 We attended 한국바이오칩학회 and Hye Young, Yura, Hyo Sil, and Yun Jeong's collaborative works won the best paper presentation prize.

2016. 6. 27. Our collaborative work with UC Berkeley and Sogang University ("Spontaneous Self-Formation of 3D Plasmonic Optical Structures") was accepted in ACS Nano (IF: 13.334).

2016. 6. 27. 2016년 나노팹시설활용지원사업 선정

2016. 6. 7~9 We attended The 2016 Alzheimer’s Disease Congress and Hye Young won the best poster presentation prize.


2016. 5. 26. Our collaborative work with UC Berkeley ("Integrated Microalgae Analysis Photobioreactor for Rapid Strain Selection") was accepted in ACS Nano (IF: 13.334).

2016. 2. 12.  Two members in our lab, Hye Young & Yura won the Best Paper Awards (최우수 논문상) from our university.

2016. 1. 28.  Our Nanoscale paper has been featured on the many news media.

2016.1.23 It was announced that Hye Young will be awarded from the 22nd Samsung Human-Tech Thesis PrizeCongratulations!!!

2015.11.11. Undergraduated student Wong hee passed patent attorney test. Congratulations!!!

2015. 11.09. Hye Young's paper was selected as a back cover article in NanoscaleCongratulation!!! *^^* 

 2015. 10. 04. Hye Young's paper was accepted in Nanoscale (IF: 7.394)Great!!! *^^* 

2015. 09. 17 Professor Inhee Choi was selected for Marquis Who's Who in the World® (세계인명사전) 2016 (33rd Edition) 

2015. 09. 11. Our recent paper was selected as a back cover article in Chemical CommunicationsCongratulations!!!*^^*

2015. 08. 21. Yura, Ji Youn, and Hye Young's first paper was accepted in Chemical Communications (IF: 6.834)Congratulations!!!*^^*

2015.07.08. Recent Our Lab Circumstance

2014. 11. 12. Our Lab will be opened to everyone on this Friday 3 pm. Welcome!!!

2014. 11. 04. Our collaborative work with SNU ("Solution based, On Chip Direct growth of Three-Dimensionally Wrinkled Gold Nanoparticles for a SERS Active Substrate") was accepted in Chemical Communications (IF: 6.718).

2014. 10. 30. Micro Raman Spectroscopy System was assembled in the lab.

2014. 09. 30. Hyperspectral Nano Imaging System as installed in the dark-room.

2014. 09. 19. Lab furnitures and hardwares were installed. Lab open is coming soon!!!

2014. 09. 15. Graphene nanopore work was highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News, 92(37), September 15, 2014 [Science & Technology, Concentrates]

2014. 09. 12. Graphene nanopore work was featured in Dongascience.

2014. 09. 11. Graphene nanopore work was featured in dhnews (차세대 신소재 제작 기술).

2014. 09. 02. Paper ("Graphene Nanopore with Self-Integrated Optical Antenna") was accepted in Nano Letters (IF: 12.940).

2014. 07. 18. 연구재단(NRF), 신진연구자지원사업 선정!!!

2014. 05. 30. Lab homepage open!!!

2014. 03. 05. 첨단장비 지원사업 선정!!!


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