Advanced Operating System (Elective-I),

B. E. Information Technology (Semester-VI), University of Pune.

Subject Code: 414443

In order to meet the ever increasing need of computers, networks and internet study of operating system is compulsory. Operating system is the interface between the user and the computer system. It is the first piece of software to run on a computer system when it is booted. Their job is to co-ordinate and provide services for the execution of application software. This is core technology subject and the knowledge of which is absolutely essential for Computer Engineers. It familiarizes the students with the concepts and functions of operating system. This subject provides knowledge to develop systems using advanced operating system concepts.

The overview of the subject is primarily based on the design of the operating system. This subject gives overview of UNIX operating system as a case study.

The main objectives of learning this subject are given as below:

  • To learn UNIX system administration.

  • To understand the operating system process management design

  • To study kernel of multitasking operating system

  • To study multiprocessor systems.

  • To learn the memory management design of the operating system.

  • To learn I/O system and device management activities of the operating system.

  • To study file system design and administration activities of the file system of operating system.

Prerequisite is:

  • Basic knowledge of the operating system.

Main syllabus contents:

  • process management

  • Kernel of multitasking operating system (KMOS)

  • Multiprocessor Systems

  • Memory Management

  • I/O systems

  • File system