Website Description

This is the official website of the Students of Law and Diplomacy (SOLAD) and will contain all the necessary information concerning the club including our aims and objectives, club activities, upcoming projects and general member information


SOLAD is the Students of Law and Diplomacy and it is an affiliate of the Kenya Law Students Society (KLSS) and the International Law Students Association (ILSA). The club’s main objective is to empower law students in matters of law and diplomacy.

With regard to this we purpose to-:

  • Organize public lectures and paper presentations with a bias to diplomacy and diplomatic relations.
  •  Organize for exchange programs and attachments to/with institutions of diplomacy and governmental institutions dealing with international relations for the members.
  •   Act on emerging issues or novel situations e.g. constitutional discourses.

The Pillars of SOLAD are :-

  1. International Relations.
  2. National and International Conflict Resolution.
  3. Human Rights Issues.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility.