Recent Research Grants

Perceived Group Variability

When and why do people perceive greater similarity between members of one group than between members of another group?
Paolini, S., Harwood, J., Neumann, D., & Hewstone, M. (2015-2018). Approaching the outgroup unlocks the benefits of intergroup contact for society: An investigation into determinants, consequences, and corrective interventions. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. Awarded $293,400.

Scevak, J. J., Southgate, E. L., Rubin, M., MacQueen, S. E., & Douglas, H. (2014). Equity groups and predictors of academic success in higher education. The National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education Research Grants Program. Awarded $54,700.

Brosnan, C., Southgate, E., MacQueen, S., Kelly, B., Outram, S., Rubin, M., Bennett, A., Munn, B., & Douglas, H. (2013). Equity in elite degrees: Social difference, institutional practice and processes of change. The Faculty of Education and Arts Strategic Networks and Pilot Projects Scheme, The University of Newcastle, Australia. Awarded $15,000.

Moskovsky, C., Harkins, J., Hosseini, H., Libert, A., Paolini, S., Ratcheva, S., & Rubin, M. (2013). Language as a barrier to social inclusion/integration among immigrants. Cross-Faculty Funding Scheme, The University of Newcastle, Australia. Awarded $15,000.