Previous Postgraduate Students


What are the causes and functions of stereotypes? How do stereotypes change?
Dr Samineh Sanatkar. (2012-2016, full-time; PhD in social psychology). When does independent problem-solving have negative psychological effects? Investigating the moderating effect of openness to experience. Principal supervisor: Mark Rubin. Co-supervisor: Stefania Paolini.

Dr Nicholas Harris.
(2010-2015, full-time; PhD in social psychology). An investigation into the acquisition, generalization, facilitation and immunization of intergroup anxiety. Principal supervisor: Stefania Paolini. Co-supervisor: Andrea Griffin.

Dr Musaad Alrahaili.
(2009-2014, full-time; PhD in linguistics). Predictors of L2 attitudes and motivational intensity: A cross-sectional study in the Saudi EFL context. Principal supervisor: Christo Moskovsky, Co-supervisor: Stefania Paolini.

Dr Kylie McIntyre.
(2006-2010, full-time; PhD in social psychology). Investigating the interplay between meta-cognitions and the process of member to group generalisation. Principal supervisor: Stefania Paolini, Co-supervisor: Andrew Heathcote.

Dr Milen Milanov. (2006-2010, full-time; PhD in social psychology). Distinguishing between social, communal, and interdependent types of in-group identification. Principal supervisor: Mark Rubin, Co-supervisor: Stefania Paolini. Winner of an Endeavour International Postgraduate Research scholarship.

Dr Sharon Gold. (2001-2009, part-time; PhD in social psychology). Measuring social competence, task competence and self-protection in an organisational context. Principal supervisor: Mark Rubin. Co-supervisor: Don Munro.

Dr Silvia Ratcheva. (2002-2008, part-time; PhD in linguistics). Language attitudes and motivation of adult migrants in Newcastle. Supervisors: Prof Alyson Ferguson, A/Prof Peter Peterson. Co-supervision: Stefania Paolini. Awarded with merit and no changes.

Dr Melanie Lacey (née Stone). (2011-2014, full-time; Professional doctorate in clinical and health psychology). Stigma among parents with serious mental illness: Internalised mental illness stigma in mothers and externalised gender stigma in fathers. Principal supervisor: Linda Campbell, Co-supervisor: Stefania Paolini.

Dr Sean Halpin. (2001-2008, part-time; PhD in clinical psychology). Psychosocial well-being and gay identity development. Principal supervisor: Mark Rubin. Co-supervisor: Don Munro. Winner of the 2006 Ros Gribble Prize for Clinical Psychology.