Staff Members

Dr Stefania Paolini
Senior Lecturer
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Dr Paolini is the lab coordinator. She is a senior lecturer in social, cross-cultural and Aboriginal psychology in the School of Psychology. She completed a 5-year Bachelor of Psychology (social and organisational) at the University of Padova, Italy, and a PhD at Cardiff University in 2001. Dr Paolini's research is published on leading  international journals. Her research interests are in the psychology of intergroup relations and include stereotyping, prejudice, anxiety, emotions, meta-cognition and the self. Her recent work includes empirical research on the psychological consequences of negative intergroup contact (Barlow, Paolini et al., 2012; Paolini, Harwood, & Rubin, 2010), the affective and cognitive bases of cross-group friendships (Paolini, Hewstone, & Cairns, 2007), and the interaction between meta-cognition and stereotyping (McIntyre, Paolini, & Hewstone, under review; Paolini, Crisp, & McIntyre, 2009). Dr Paolini has supervised over forty research students from fourth-year to PhD and offers continuous research mentoring to former research students and junior academics.

Dr Mark Rubin

Associate Professor
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Dr Mark Rubin is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology. He received an MSc from the London School of Economics in 1994 and a PhD from Cardiff University in 2000. He has been awarded the University of Newcastle Faculty of Science and Information Technology’s (2014) Academic Staff Excellence Award, the Australian Government’s Office for Teaching and Learning (2013) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, and the University of Newcastle Vice-Chancellor’s (2011) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. He is best known for his research on social identity and intergroup relations, including research on perceived group variability, prejudice, and stereotyping. His other research interests include individualism and collectivism, interdependent problem-solving, migration processes, the need for closure, social class, and social integration. He has authored over 50 research publications, and his work has been cited over 3,000 times. For more details about Dr Rubin’s research, please visit his research webpage.

Dr Kylie McIntyre
Casual Academic

Dr Kylie McIntyre is a registered psychologist and lecturer in social psychology at the University of Newcastle. She completed an Education Degree in Social Science in 1998 and has taught psychology within the International Baccalaureate Programme for 10 years. Dr McIntyre then completed a B Arts (Psychology) and a PhD at the University of Newcastle in 2010 under the supervision of Dr Paolini and Prof Heathcote. Her research interests include stereotyping, prejudice, and meta-cognition. Her recent work includes empirical research on the interaction between meta-cognition and stereotyping (Paolini, Crisp, & McIntyre, 2009) and a comprehensive meta-analysis of the stereotype change and meta-cognition literature (McIntyre, Paolini, & Hewstone, under review).

Ms Beatrice Bora
Lab Co-ordinator

Beatrice Bora is
a Laboratory Technician and Lab Co-ordinator in the Social Psychology Laboratory. In this capacity, she maintains the lab equipment and provides students with support for conducting experiments. She has also worked as a Research Assistant in the Laboratory, under the supervision of Dr Mark Rubin and Dr Stefania Paolini. She is currently undertaking a doctorate in cognitive psychology – recognition memory – under the supervision of Prof Andrew Heathcote and Dr Kerry Chalmers. Her research project investigates the framework and mechanism underlying episodic recognition memory, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between response accuracy and levels of confidence, as well as on the time spent to gather information and perform choices. For more information about Ms Bora's research, please visit her, LinkedIn, and ResearchGate profiles.