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Message of Appreciation after triumph

 Friends, colleagues, fellow student lawyers, I’m humbled at the faith you showed in me by democratically electing me as your Campus Representative. It was and forever remains a testament of our conviction, not only to change but to a new order of conviction in principle, ideology, integrity, vision and service. To that I say thank you to the near 530 people who braved the chilly weather and long queue to exercise their right of suffrage. 

Special thanks is reserved to all those who overwhelmingly voted for me. I remain cognizant of the 277 votes cast against me, a majority; to those I remain appreciative and respectful of your decision. Apart from highlighting the weakness of the first past the post mode of election, it positively represents our democratic 

I further c
ongratulate all those who were elected in various capacities. To our opponents, I reserve special commendation. It is in your candidature that the electorate was able to weigh the various issues and ultimately make a decision. The test of leadership dictates that you take their decision with utmost respect and humility and more importantly work in earnest in pushing for your various agenda for them in whatever capacity you can and provide checks and balance to those elected.maturity. To that we owe it to ourselves to enhance it.

That said and done, no amount of appreciation can erode our moral obligation to live up to our promises, for that is the only reason we were elected. To this we remain bound by our word, reputation and promise. Let the work begin. Thank you. God bless Parklands and everywhere else.

 Akach Jim, Campus rep UoN Parklands


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