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Assure Lesson Plan 2



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Analyze Learners  

General Characteristics: 12th grade, 16-18 years old, 24 students, 9 males, 15 females, no physical disabilities, 65% Pacific Islanders, 15% African American, 10% Caucasian, average socioeconomic level, English is main language

Specific Entry Competency: Know how to operate a computer, projector, use Microsoft Word, Windows Movie Maker, and Digital Camera. Know how to read, comprehend, and analyze a story. Have read Macbeth.

 Learning Styles: Visual and Audio learners

State Objectives  

Students will learn William Shakespeare’s Macbeth by making a play in their own modern paraphrased version of Macbeth, but still manage to keep the same content and tragic. This will allow them to do a lot of critical thinking and comprehensive work. The groups will be divided into three. They will record their play using a digital camera, and present it in class on an overhead projector.


Select Instructional Methods, Media, and Materials

1. Overhead projector

2. Computer

3. Digital Camera 

Utilize Media and Materials

Set up computer/laptop with overhead projector and make sure they're working. Have a backup lesson plan if the equipment doesn't work.


Require Learner Participation 

Students, being grouped, will teach each other by presenting their modern version of Macbeth. In the end, there will be discussions on all group presentation, which peers will analyze and interpret each drama presentations on the content of the story and the creativity of the movie making.

Evaluate and Revise

I am assuming that this project would be very affective because the students will be participating in creating a learning environment. According to NETS for Teachers’ standard 3C, the application of technology will develop the students’ higher order skills and creativity, and therefore, this project will definitely give my students a way to show off their creativity. They will be creating a way to teach each other on a level that they can understand the tragedies in Macbeth. They will be using technologies which will capture the entire class’ attention. By the end of this project, they will take home what they learn and what they learned is most likely going to be stored in their long term memory because they were very much involved in the learning process as student-teachers, students, and critical thinkers.


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