Current Semester Credit Check
The link at the bottom of this page takes you to a spreadsheet that lists the number of credits you need in order to complete the PSYC 110 Research Requirement. Each row of the spreadsheet represents a different student, and each student is differentiated by the last four digits of their Royal ID number. To locate your information, select the correct Instructor and PSYC 110 Section number from the pull down-menus at the top of the page. Then, locate or select the last four digits of your own Royal ID Number.

The columns of the spreadsheet list (i) the number of credits that you need to complete the PSYC 110 research requirement, (ii) the number of credits earned by participating in research studies, (iii) the number of credits earned by attending reading and writing session, and (iv) the number of credits earned by attending faculty-sponsored colloquium.

Please note:
  • Researchers might not enter credits immediately after your participation; they might wait until a weekend or until the study is completed. If your credit is not entered immediately, check back in a few days or a week.
  • If your credit has not been entered after several weeks:
    • Contact the researcher in charge of the study
    • Do NOT contact the psychology department
    • Do NOT contact your PSYC 110 instructor