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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/usaskchemistrystudentssociety/                      Instagram: the.cs2

The University of Saskatchewan Chemistry Students' Society is a student-run group dedicated to chemistry!

Purpose to support the academic and social needs of undergraduate students in the field of chemistry and related areas at the University of Saskatchewan.

For our members, we provide:
  • Exam file of chemistry midterms and finals
  • A list of private tutors
  • Free tutorials for chemistry classes before the midterm and final
  • $15 lockers plus membership in the Thorvaldson and Spinks buildings
  • Social events so students can network with other students and faculty
  • We provide drop-in tutoring in the CS2 lounge
The CS2 Office is located on the ground floor of the Thorvaldson building in G5.
The lounge is open to ALL U of S students and we offer you:
  • A microwave, coffee maker, fridge, kettle, and toaster oven
  • 4 big comfy couches
  • A popcorn machine!!
  • A shelf full of textbooks and model kits to read or borrow
  • 2 computers with printers
  • A phone with free local calling