Welcome to the Biochemistry Association Website.

On here you should be able to find all the information related to:

Events the BSA is hosting

Important Dates regards to the the Biochemistry department

Fundrasing Activities

Tutoring information about Biochemistry Classes/Labs

And Many more...

BSA Executive for the 2017/2018 Academic Year:
President: Nikki Forsberg   
Vice President: Jaclyn Edwards
Treasurer: Brandon Brissaw, Cordell VanGenderen, Ashley Stuart, Stean Kury

Secretary: Ashley Stuart, Brandon Brissaw, Abdel ElBarkouky
Social Director: Fairuz Haque, Nikki Forsberg, Kelsey Wyatt, Jeffery Usherwood
Recreation Director: Sean Lipsit, Cordell VanGenderen
Communications Director: Samantha Chomyshen, Kelsey Wyatt, Sabrina Zaher
Technology Wizard: Kyle Painchaud
Graduate Student Liason: Zak Baker 
3rd Year Representatives: Sabrina Zaher, Stean Kury, Tanisha Lutz, Abdel ElBarkouky
2nd Year Representatives: Fairuz Haque, Joshua Dolinski
Graduate Students/Faculty Liasion: Nikki Forsberg

Our Facebook page also has information as well!