Farming for Tomorrow -

·      Sustainable Agriculture as Adaptation to Climate Change, Spring 2016.

·      The Paris Agreement and the Science of Climate Change Farming for Tomorrow, Winter 2016.

·      The earth is round but is the climate warming? Farming for Tomorrow, Fall 2015, pages 16-18, 28.


Regina Leader Post, 17 September 2016 -

University of Regina climate change study finds answers with farmers


Regina Leader Post, 10 April 2016 -

Prairie farmers well-placed to adapt to climate change


CBC News Saskatchewan, 04 January 2016 -

Regina researchers use tree rings to explain past, predict future


Globe and Mail, 21 September 2015 -

Athabasca River drought patterns hold warning for oil producers: study


Edmonton Journal, 22 September 2015 –

Water flowing from Alberta's Athabasca River to oilsands might be unsustainable, new study suggests


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Water Source for Alberta Tar Sands Drilling Could Run Dry


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Oilsands may face severe water shortages, Athabasca River study suggests


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Oilsands water plan short-sighted: Athabasca River study


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The Oilsands and the Athabasca River's Fickle Flows


National Post, 02 July 2014 -

Why exactly are floods soaking Saskatchewan and Manitoba? And are they here to stay?