Growth Accelerator Program

A journey of discovery and growth

The Growth Accelerator Program was designed to help a select, yet diverse group of small business owners tackle some of their most pressing growth challenges. Each client is matched with an Advisor and a U of M grad student who will help do an assessment of the business, develop a growth-plan, and work towards addressing the identified challenges. Clients also take a leadership assessment and attend workshops and peer-group sessions aimed at helping them grow their businesses and become better leaders.  


- Help a diverse group of small businesses increase profits and market share

- Promote enhanced collaboration between the U of M and the local small business community

- Help build a stronger community of business owners and professionals

Program Offerings
Participating clients gain access to the following support system:

  • Advisor*: Meet with an Advisor that has either personally grown and/or participated directly in helping grow small businesses.
  • U of M student*: Meet with a U of M student that will work on a mutually-agreed upon project. With access to cutting-edge research and a world-class set of faculty, the student is in a unique position to provide real value on a specific growth challenge. 
  • Peer Group sessions: Meet monthly with the other participating business owners to discuss issues, share experiences, and problem-solve - all in a professionally-facilitated peer-group setting.
  • Leadership Assessment: Obtain an understanding of one’s leadership performance, strengths and development needs by collecting feedback via an on-line 360 degree assessment tool. The information gathered will be used to create an actionable development plan.
  • High-impact workshops: Attend 4 workshops on growth-related topics. The first workshop will be on Leadership Development, and the remaining 3 will be determined by the business owners' collective needs.
* For more information about the Advisors and U of M grad students please contact Jeffrey Seltz at or 612-624-3578.

Program Duration
September, 2011 - May, 2011

The applications have closed. Thank you very much for your interest. Please check back next year!