Buses are the main public transportation in Saskatoon since the city is not that big. However, you can still have excess to many places since the bus service is so efficient. For the students of UofS, there is a bus pass called as U-pass that will be included in your tuition fees for undergraduates. You can use your U-pass for the whole term to use the bus service. The bus service in Saskatoon is called the Saskatoon Transit Service and the bus schedule can be found online or call 975-7500 to find out the bus schedule for the next bus for a specific stop number.

There are also bus services to other cities outside Saskatchewan such as Edmonton and Calgary by using the GreyHound for any out of station services. For those who don't mind traveling using the bus for more than five hours, taking a bus will be as cheaper option as flying can be pricey here in Canada unless you are able to get seat sales on WestJet or Air Canada by checking their website for any deals.

It is not advisable to use cab service since it's a bit costly. However, it'll be better if you use the service when you're planning to go somewhere with a group of people, or when you're having loads of stuffs with you.
Taxi services:
Blue Line Taxi :(306) 653-3333
Radio Cabs :(306) 242-1221
Comfort Cabs :
(306) 664-6464‎‎

Rental Car
Renting a car in Saskatoon does not cost you a lot. It can be as low as $20 per day. However, you will need your driver's license (international driver's license or Malaysian driver's license that has been translated in SGI) in order to rent a car. Even so, it's still a good idea if you need to use a car for a few days for many reasons such as trips.

We don't have trains such as LRT, MRT or Subway.