Term 2013-2014

MASA Annual Election Dinner

March 29, 2014

MASA Annual Election Dinner 2014 was a great success! We would like to thank everyone that could make it to, as well as those that helped out in ensuring the success of this event. We also really appreciate all of your feedback regarding the past events, as well as suggestion for the future committees. This year, there are only five positions in the MASA Committee for Term 2014-2015. This would also mean that there are few changes has been made for the work delegations among the officers.

The new MASA executive board has been elected and the list is as follow: 

President: Christine Lim

Vice President:    Angel Liew

Secretary:           Jia Yun

Treasurer:            Serena
Social Director:         Mimi Choo

Myself, Wei Xin and Dayne decided not to run for any position for the next term in order to give the opportunity to others to gain fun and valuable experiences. We believe that this newly-elected committee will bring something new, committed to continue MASA vision and missions and therefore we hope that you all will continue to support them!

As the president, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for all the support throughout the term. It has been a fun and full of colours. MASA is indeed a great medium to meet new friends, welcoming newcomers to new environment and most importantly to support one another while having fun at the same time! It has been a great time to organize events for all the members, collaborating with different associations in Global Connections and we really appreciate your support and participation. All these events were a success especially due to committed committee members that willing to spend some of their time in organizing great events all year. To the committee members of 2013-2014 who gave your full commitment to MASA, thank you so much!

Again, thank you to all for your continuous support that make MASA stay an active and awesome club on campus!

Final exam is here again, so we would like to wish y'all Good Luck and All the Best in your exam!

Not to forget to Michelle, Hajar and Tao Yee, who will be graduating this term, we wish y'all best of luck in your future undertakings. You'll be missed and hope we could keep stay in touch!

Thanks for being awesome y'all!!! =D

Roneyson a.ka. Roy
(President of MASA 2013-2014)

CNY DINNER 2014!!!!

新年快樂! Gong Xi Fa Chai! Happy Chinese New year
2014 is the year of horse and it has been a tradition in MASA to celebrate it as a big event and of course with Chinese cuisine :)
As for this year, we held it at Mandarin restaurant and there were many people who came to this event. We were very happy to see many people from not only Malaysia but other countries as well.
It is a pleasure to celebrate this festival with great people and at the same time sharing different cultures with each other.
Thanks for coming and we really hope that everyone enjoyed the dinner. 
We really enjoyed setting up this event and we hope to see you as excited for future MASA event

MASA Trick or Eat 2013
We managed to donate a whopping 50 bags worth of non perishable food items to the Saskatoon Food Bank. Thanks to everyone for being great sports and those who helped with transportation. As well the whole Masa committee for putting their time and effort into the planning of this event.

Masa Welcome Back BBQ

It is the time of the year where we carry on the tradition of welcoming the new and old members of MASA back for the new term of the year. We are happy to have more new members joining our fun team. We hope that your journey with us this year will be one of the most memorable in your university life. 

As a committed committee member, we will strive to organise new and fun events to be participated both members and interested ones. As one of MASA members, we are also encourage you to come up with suggestions of events in the future and we will definitely consider them! Together we learn and spread each other's culture in a healthy way so that we can come into mutual respect and have a healthy social life. 
Last but not least, all the best in both your academic and social life, and come have fun with us! =D
Thank you.
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