Term 2011-2012


Apr 1, 2012

MASA would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the support throughout the term. It has been a great time to organize events for all the members and we really appreciate your participation. All the events will not be successful without the support from everyone JThanks for those who came for the election. We really appreciate your attendance as well as all your feedbacks regarding the past events. The new MASA executive board has been elected and the list is as follow: 

President: Michelle Kam

Vice President: Ahmad Fadzlan

Secretary: Tao Yee

Treasurer: Nurul Hajar

Social Director: Roneyson Linang

Communication Officer: Dayne Jong

We really hope that all the members can give full cooperation towards the new executives board and MASA will be active and exciting as always! J

Also, I personally want to express my gratitude to everyone for the never-ending support that I got from the executive board as well as the members during my time being the president. It was a really good experience for me to lead MASA. If any of you are not satisfied with my work, I’m really sorry for not being a great president but I hope everyone had fun for all the events that we have organized.



Fara Yusof

President of MASA 2011-2012

Badminton Tournament

March 23, 2012

Badminton is quite popular among the members and based on last year’s feedback, we’re back wit organizing the tournament! We’ve been ‘practicing’ for almost every week before the real tournament. Besides of encouraging the members to exercise regularly, we also wanted to instill the excitement of playing badminton among members who are not really familiar with the game. As for the tournament, there were three categories and the winners are as follow:

Men’s Single

     1.     Mr Foo        2.     Calvin

Women’s Single:

     1.     Fara           2.     Jen

We could not finish the games for mixed doubles and we decided to simply divide the prizes among the partners who managed to proceed to the next round. Afterall, the main objective of the tournament was to have fun, and we were really excited to see participants with full of spirit of winning J

Games Night

March 17, 2012

Games Night is back and this time we got to play Xbox using the big screen tv in ISSAC lounge! It was really great to get together with the members during the busy time of the term! We also had some card games to play with such as SET, UNO, etc. The highlight of the event was the Dance Central 2 and it was good to see many people tried to show their dancing skills! J

 Carnival of Solidarity

March 2, 2012

Carnival of Solidarity is a huge celebration of cultures and social justice organized by ISSAC and in collaboration with ISSA. It is organized to showcase talents and different cultures in Saskatoon. 

MASA participated in the booth showcase as well as the performance. We were dancing to 'Asmaradana' and a big thanks to Roy who helped us to choreograph the performance in a very short time. Thanks to all the volunteers who were willing to do the performance as well as setting up the booth. It was our first time doing such thing after a very long time and it was great to have many people involved in the event. The event was a big success and the support that we got from everyone was a great pleasure! We’re looking for ward to have another cultural performance in the future J

Tobogganing and SNOW FUN!

Feb 18, 2012

Looking for something cheap to do for the Reading Week? Tobogganing is the best option! We went to Diefenbaker Park for not only tobogganing but also had mini snowball fight! J It was really good to spend time with the members, no matter how old you are! We had a great time with the elders who also enjoyed tobogganing. It was a tiring day, but everyone had so much fun. Later, we went to the skating rink in downtown for some ice-skating.

Chinese New Year Dinner

Jan 22, 2012

2012 is the year of dragon and it has been a tradition in MASA to celebrate it as a big event and of course with Chinese cuisine :)

As for this year, we had it in Taste Legend restaurant and there were around 45 people who came to this event. We were very happy to see many people from not only Malaysia but other countries as well.
 It is a pleasure to celebrate this festival with great people and at the same time sharing different cultures with each other. It has been a while to have such a big gathering especially with MASA members who have graduated from university and not to forget the new Malaysians who just came to Saskatoon. 
Thanks for coming and we really hope that everyone enjoyed the dinner. we’re looking forward to see more people for the upcoming events. May everyone have a blessed year ahead. Gong Xi Fa Cai :)

Alberta Trip

Dec 25, 2011-Jan 1, 2012

Alberta trip has become an annual event for MASA and this time we went to Edmonton, Jasper and Calgary. We spent Christmas in Edmonton and Boxing day at the largest mall in North America, West Edmonton Mall.

2 days were well spent in Edmonton and later on we went to Jasper National Park. The view was magnificent and we also went for snowboarding/skiing in Marmot Basin Ski Place. We had a really good time in Jasper as we also went for ice walk in Maligne Canyon. 
And not to forget, we managed to go to Mount Robinson Provincial Park, which is the border between British Columbia and Alberta. Enough with sightseeing in Jasper, we left to Calgary for more shopping in CrossIron Mills, a very large area of branded factory outlets.
We spent the new year’s eve chilling around in Calgary downtown as well as enjoying the live performances and firework. It was indeed a good trip and hopefully everyone had fun! Thanks to those who helped out to make this trip a success J

Bake Sale

Nov 14, 2011

MASA's bake sale is an event anticipated by a lot of people, not only Malaysian in U of S but other students too. This term, we organized a bake sale in the arts tunnel starting from 10.30am to 3.30pm. The bake sale is a fund-raising we organize every year to introduce Malaysian delicacies to the students in U of S.

For this term, we made our best-selling curry-puff and ketayap. Other than that, we sold ondeh-ondeh, sagu delima, seri muka, cekodok pisang, goreng pisang and cucur.The bake sale was a success.

'Teh Tarik' and Pumpkin Carving Night!

 Oct 29, 2011

Feeling too old to carve a pumpkin? No way!!!!!  

Pumpkin carving night was an amazing event!!! People had some fond memories about it. Nothing beats craving Jack-o'-lantern while chilling with some Malaysian’s treats such as banana fritters, cucur, sagu delima and especially ‘teh tarik’.

Some of us showed our artistic skills by carving different figures ranging from ‘Angry Bird’ to ‘Transformers’. After carving, a candle was placed inside the pumpkin. When the light illuminated the pumpkin, the pumpkin was brought to life!!!  

Thanks to those who came and hope you enjoyed! =D Like Malaysian usually said ‘Chillax la~~~

Halloween~ Treat or Eat??!!

Oct 31, 2011

Never thought of going trick or treating during university’s life??! How about ‘trick or eat’??Craving for chocolates and sweets like all kids do while helping Saskatoon food bank was indeed a memorable memory for us!Trick or Eat is an annual

food drive that takes place on halloween to support the Saskatoon Food Bank and help to raise awareness of hunger in the community. Everything is collected by students from the U of S who goes door-to-door in costumes to solicit donations of non-perishable food items and cash! Members from MASA participated and had fun dressing up and trick or treat for non-perishable food items for the Saskatoon Food Bank this Halloween!

Thanksgiving BBQ


Oct 9, 2011

In Canada, Thanksgiving weekend is all about get together. To make it different this year, we are having a Thanksgiving BBQ instead! 

We have lots of yummy food like shrimp skewers, bbq chicken marinated in either Malaysian way or Korean way, corn,stuffing, onde-onde for dessert!

Of course we can't have a thanksgiving without the most important things which are turkey and mashed potatoes. :)


Youth farm Corn maze and Petting zoo

Sep 24, 2011

In this beautiful day, we went to the youth farm corn maze and petting zoo. The Youth Farm Corn Maze is a very exciting place to visit, located 35 minutes North of Saskatoon on highway 11 (just east of Rosthern)

We have a lot of fun there, with the blast of corn maze adventure, climbing wall, sumo suits and a castle jump. Also, we Visited the petting zoo with a variety of animals including a miniature horse and donkey, emu, alpaca, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, sheep, pigs and much more. 

We also had our own version of "runningman". upgrading version of hide and seek inside the corn maze was simply amazing. The people and the place made this a perfect adventure. =D

Welcome Back Potluck and Lantern Walk

Sep 18, 2011

Welcome back everyone!!

First of all we would like welcome the new Malaysians, DAYNE, ROY and WEI XIN to Saskatoon! :)

Thanks for those who attended this annual event. The event was a success with variety of delicious foods were served such as Nasi Beriani, Rendang Ayam, Nasi Impit, Lemang, Mee Goreng, Ayam Coca-Cola and etc. 

We went for Lantern walk right after the potluck. A short walk along the river at night was  fun for sure. Again, thanks for those people who made this walk such a great memory! =)

We hope these events will be a great start for your successful semester and last but not least we wish you good luck in your study.