Other MUSTs

-Long johns
-Light jackets,wind breaker preferably, or some sweaters or long sleeve tops. 
-Do not buy winter coats in Malaysia, it's better to buy them in Canada. In Canada you are assured to get better quality jackets which are equipped for the weather here.This will save more space for your baggage too!
-Buy boots in Canada since they are made to be equipped for the weather conditions and there are a lot more choices and more comfortable.

-Certain food pastes and spices such as tom-yam and curry are allowed through customs. No home made products with out proper labelling is advised as it may get confiscated.
-No meat or dairy based products are allowed through customs. If u wish to bring them, it'll be at your own risk.
-A lot of products from Asia are available in our local supermarkets, so it wont be a big problem. We have more of them in Asian groceries, where u can find Maggi mee, Ovaltine, and Milo!!

-If you are intending to bring any electronics from home, don't forget to bring a universal adapter. Canada uses a 2-prong plug in/adapter.
-Buying laptops in Canada is preferable since the price is even cheaper from home.You can check out some places that offers good deal on electronic items such as Future Shop, Campus Computer Store, Best Buy,  and Staples.
-Don't bother to bring your hair dryer, toaster, electronic kettle, or any heating devices since the voltage is lower in Canada (120 Voltscompared to Malaysia (240 Volts), unless you are planning to bring the step down transformer along.(It's inadvisable because it's super heavy!)

-If you plan to drive in Saskatchewan, you will need to familiarize yourself with the information 'driving in Saskatchewan': www.students.usask.ca/international/during/driving
-Malaysian driver's license is applicable in Saskatchewan, if you are a full-time student with a valid study permit and you are driving the class of vehicle that the license authorize you to drive. Therefore, international driving license is not  required.
-If you plan on driving soon after your arrival, have it translated as soon as possible since the one that is written in Malay language is not accepted. You can get this done at the Open Door Society located at 311, 14th Ave.N. tel:(306)653-4464

-The Muslims population is getting bigger in Saskatchewan, so it won't be a big problem for the Muslims to choose Saskatoon.
-We have all the facilities required for the Muslims including a few mosques, Halal groceries, Halal restaurants and there's no discrimination on Muslims here
-In the university itself, we do have Muslim Students Association (MSA) who is responsible to help the Muslim students on campus and deal with the university regarding the policies towards the students. There's also a muslim prayer room provided
-In Canada, we're using North East as the direction of the qiblah, and don't forget to bring your compass as you may need to pray at random places!