Living in Saskatoon

For those who are sick of living in big and busy cities, Saskatoon would be an IDEAL place for you! As a small city, it offers you a peace environment. For education purposes, it'll be a place that you would love to spend for the rest of your study time. It has less distractions, where the entertainment is not as much as we can get in other big cities. However, this doesn't make Saskatoon as the worse place on the planet because it does have its own attractions. Saskatoon has all basic facilities as other cities, but for some aspects they are limited due to its size. For shopaholics, Saskatoon should be a good place for you to start saving because your shopping desire would be limited to the number of shopping malls and branded outlets that we have here. However, this would be good because you can actually go for shopping outside Saskatoon and you can save up more money during your study time. In terms of cost of living, Saskatoon won't make you spending loads of money if you really know how to utilize your allowance. The accomodation here could be as low as $350, and for the transportations, it's not a problem at all. There's no such thing as LRT, MRT or Subway, and buses are the main transportation here. This would be and advantage because you can have excess to any places and it won't take so much time.