How to get started!

It is better if you inform any of the committees upon your arrival so that we can help you out with anything for at least during your first week in Saskatoon.

Bank account
-There are many banks that you can choose and the deals that they are offering are more or less the same. However, most of the students are using Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) since they have a branch across the road from the university. Therefore it'll be easier for you to make an appointment and open a bank account.
-This thing has to be done early especially for those who bring loads of money/traveling checks. For scholars, you will need all the details of the bank to give to your sponsors, so do ensure that you'll get the bank account as soon as possible because sometimes it'll take a long time to process the money from Malaysia.

Cell phone
-It is not advisable to use Malaysian number here because it's gonna cost you a lot! Therefore, you have to get a Canadian number as soon as possible.
-There are many choices of telephone lines, but they are offering different kind of deals, depending on what type of phones and plans do you wanna choose.
-Canada is different from Malaysia, where they don't have such thing as "top up", so everything is gonna be on the phone bills. When you are buying a telephone line, sometimes it'll come with free phones, or maybe you're going to be charged a little bit, depending on what type of phones that you wish to get.
-If you wish to get smart-phones (i Phone, Blackberry, androids, etc), at cheaper prices, they will come in a 2-3year contract depending on the phone company. 
- Some phone providers you can check out are Fido, Rogers, Sasktel, Telus and Koodo.

University Registration
-Please ensure that you have registered for your classes before you come to Saskatoon because the classes are usually fully occupied as the new term starts.
-For government scholars (JPA and MARA), you are required to go to the administration building and meet Mr. Leonard Fox to inform about your arrival and give him the financial affidavit (FA). This is to let him know about yourself as being sponsored by the government so that he can deal with your sponsors regarding the tuition fees.
-For those who are eligible for the $1000 Entrance Award, please ask them about it because they might have applied it to your tuition fees. Therefore, if you wish to get the money for your own, let them know early.

-If you arrive before the orientation, do attend all the activities that have been planned by the university for all international students. This would be the time where you can meet many people from all over the world and make new friends. There are also some tours around university and downtown of Saskatoon, so better not to miss them!
-However, if you can't make it, the committees are willing to help you out with anything including bringing you to some places and get you with whatever you want. We'll try our best to help you, for sure! ;)