University of Arkansas Summer Study Tour in Greece

 Dates: May 23- June 21, 2017
Professors Daniel B. Levine, George P. Paulson

We are glad that you are enrolled in the University of Arkansas Study Tour in Greece 2017. We (George P. Paulson and Daniel Levine) love Greece. We have been there 30 times between us. We have studied Greece for many years. We have led seven  study tours together for the University of Arkansas (2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015). In addition, Dr. Levine has led other study tours in Greece for the University of Arkansas (alone in 1985, and in 2000, with Professor Don Lateiner of Ohio Wesleyan University), for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (Summer Sessions of 1987, 1995, 2006), and for the Vergilian Society (1990, with Professor Kenneth Kitchell, Jr. of University of Massachusetts). Dr. Levine's curriculum vitae is here.  

We see the Study Tours in the Aegean as a great opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with students in exploring the history and culture of Greece, with lots of opportunity to get close to the land and the sea, its mountains and valleys. It delights us to see students thrill to the discovery of the monuments and art works which abound in Greece.

Our philosophy of study abroad teaching is that students learn best when they can see the most, and so we are on the move most of the time. Since our time abroad is short, we do not want to spend it in a classroom or in front of a computer; that is for before and after our voyage of discovery. When students return to the USA, they have time to continue to digest what they have experienced, and they can do more library work to complete their papers and examinations.

There is no language requirement for this trip, though we have found that those students who have taken ancient and modern Greek gain a great enrichment of their skills while there. We will give instruction in Modern Greek in our pre-trip meetings, and during the study tour. Many students learn a great deal of Greek in their time abroad. 

Students will sign up for two three-hour University of Arkansas courses; they may choose from four courses: two honors classes, and two regular classes. Upon completion of the course requirements, they will receive 6 hours of upper-level credit.

The study tour is designed for those who have a serious interest in learning about Greek culture, literature, language, history, art, archaeology, and topography. Many Classical Studies majors enroll in this program, which offers courses towards their graduation requirements in that area. Other students are European Studies majors, who can get credit towards their degrees from the program. Students of History often take these classes and count them towards their History major, with the pre-approval of an academic advisor. Students from the Colleges of Engineering and Business go on this trip, as do members of the Community, retired people, and emeritus professors. Participant ages have ranged from 19 to 75.

Our pace is steady, and the climate can be challenging. We do hope that students will be in good health and ready for daily walks. Former students have told us that they wish that they had done more walking before coming to Greece, in order to prepare themselves for the exercise that they got during the study tour. Verbum sapientibus satis est.

Students will sleep most nights in hotels, but also in ship cabins.  We rotate the roommates at each stop, so everyone rooms with everyone else. We have pre-trip meetings so that students can get to know one another before leaving. We travel by boats and buses, on the Athens Metro, and on foot.  We will be able to see a lot, thanks to the excellent roads and fine accommodations in all parts of Greece. We will see the popular places, and also places off the beaten track. We welcome you on this trip back in time, to the beginnings of the European experience.

Daniel Levine & George Paulson