President: Hannah Miller
 Hometown: Tucson, AZ
 Class Standing: Junior
 Summer 2018 Plans: I am hoping to take on as many externships and  maybe an internship if I can! I'm also hoping to travel abroad as well!
 Favorite thing about ASAIt provides ways for you to grow and  network professional with accountants and other students in a relaxed  casual setting. ASA has helped me tremendously advance in my  career and make most of my friends!
                                               Fun fact: I am 5'10".
Vice President: Brandon Hum
 Hometown: Tucson, AZ
 Class Standing: Senior
 Summer 2018 Plans: Tax Internship with Beach Fleischman
 Favorite thing about ASA: The community, atmosphere and culture of  the club is very open and friendly!
 Fun Fact: I have been doing martial arts since I was 11 years old.
 Secretary: Taylor Slagle
 Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
 Class Standing: Junior 
 Summer 2018 PlansI plan to take advantage of multiple externship  opportunities, as well as continue working throughout the Summer. 
 Favorite Thing About ASA: I enjoy the opportunity to network with like-  minded peers and professionals and volunteer to make the local community  a better place with ASA.
 Fun Fact: I have moved 10 different times in my life.
Jade Jones

Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Class Standing: Junior
Summer 2018 Plans:
Favorite thing about ASA: The community and meeting large business leaders in a comfortable, casual setting!
Fun Fact: While not the best, I can jam out and play on the ukulele.
 Lead Exam Review Coordinator: Aaron Panopio
 Hometown: Cypress, California
 Class Standing: Junior
 Summer 2018 Plans:
 Favorite thing about ASA: The opportunity to network with firms.
 Fun Fact: I was first place in the Farrell's ice cream eating competition in high  school.

 Exam Review Coordinator: Alicia Heilner
Gilbert, AZ
Class Standing: Junior
Summer 2018 Plans:
Favorite thing about ASA: The networking opportunities with Accounting professionals.
Fun Fact: I tap danced for ten years, and now participate in bodybuilding competitions.

Exam Review Coordinator: Hannah Barden
Hometown: Rio Rico, AZ
Class Standing: Junior
Summer 2018 Plans: TBD
Favorite thing about ASA: Getting to network and meet other students with similar interests!
Fun Fact: I can juggle!
Webmaster: Xin Tang 
Hometown: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China  
Class Standing: Junior 
Summer 2018 Plans: TBD
Favorite thing about ASA: The ASA provides students opportunities to get connections with the real accounting world and to learn more about real experience in the accounting firms.
Fun Fact: I am from China and I plays piano.
Activities Coordinator: Hang Khuu
 Hometown: Tucson, AZ
 Class Standing: Junior 
 Summer 2018 PlansObtaining externships and internships.
 Favorite thing about ASAThe opportunity to network with professionals and learn about different firms!
 Fun Fact: I won a free steak meal from accurately guessing the weight of a pumpkin last October.
FESO Chair: John Phillips

Hometown: San Diego, California
Class Standing: Junior
Summer 2018 Plans: Hopefully will be working an internship with an aerospace and defense company.
Favorite thing about ASA: Getting to meet the different companies and seeing the company cultures.
Fun Fact: I was in a commercial with Adrian Gonzalez.
 Food & Banquet Coordinator: Brian Nelson
 Hometown: Lake Mills, Wisconsin
 Class Standing: Junior
 Summer 2018 Plans: Multiple externships
 Favorite thing about ASA: Connects and opportunities that build from ASA
 Fun Fact: Have traveled to 10 countries in 4 continents
Food & Banquet Coordinator:
 Jacky Siqueiros
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Class Standing: Junior
Summer 2018 Plans: Interning with EY
Favorite thing about ASA: Network with professionals and peers who are as interested in  Accounting as I am. 
VITA Chair: Tara Williams
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
 Class Standing: Junior
 Summer 2018 Plans: I plan to continue an internship with a local  accounting firm called Bitner & Collings. Also, I hope to get a few  externships.
 Favorite thing about ASA: I love being able to get involved on campus and  volunteer for several other organizations in our community. Plus, having food  every meeting is phenomenal.
                                      Fun Fact: I play the cello.