President: Lauren Hammelev
 Hometown: Glendale, Arizona
 Class Standing: Senior
 Summer 2017 Plans: Internship at PwC, Phoenix
 Favorite thing about ASA: The opportunity to mentor students.
 Fun fact: I've spent 2 UofA Spring Breaks volunteering in New  York and Washington, D.C. working with hunger and  homelessness. 
 Vice President: Hayley Topp
 Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
 Class Standing: Junior
 Summer 2017 Plans: Internship at EY, Phoenix
 Favorite thing about ASA: I love being a part of community     and connecting with others who are passionate about     accounting.
 Fun Fact: I have done synchronized swimming for 10 years. 
 Secretary: Paige Renken
 Hometown: Albuquerque, NM 
 Class Standing: Junior
 Summer 2017 Plans: I will be doing externships throughout the  summer at several different firms. I hope to learn more about the  accounting industry.
 Favorite Thing About ASA: I love ASA because it has given  me so many different opportunities. It is a great club where you  get out of it what you put in. Everyone is so caring and wants to  see you exceed.
 Fun Fact: I have two bulldogs named Sydney and Sherman.  They are my life.
 Treasurer: Jade Jones
 Hometown: Chandler, AZ
 Class Standing: Sophomore
 Summer 2017 Plans: Internship with CBIZ
 Favorite thing about ASA: The community and meeting large  business leaders in a comfortable, casual setting!
 Fun Fact: While not the best, I can jam out and play on the     ukulele.
 Lead Exam Review Coordinator: Aaron Panopio
 Hometown: Cypress, California
 Class Standing: Junior
 Summer 2017 Plans: Internship at BDO, Orange County
 Favorite thing about ASA: The opportunity to network with     firms.
 Fun Fact: I was first place in the Farrell's ice cream eating     competition in high school.

 Exam Review Coordinator: Alicia Heilner
 Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Class Standing: Sophomore
Summer 2017 Plans: Auditing Intern for GoDaddy
Favorite thing about ASA: The networking opportunities with Accounting professionals.
Fun Fact: I tap danced for ten years, and now participate in bodybuilding competitions.
 Exam Review Coordinator: Natalie Reyes
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Class Standing: Junior
Summer 2017 Plans: Audit Internship at Keegan, Linscott & Kenon
Favorite thing about ASA: I like being able to sign up for site visits and get tours of local firms and offices! It's a great way to learn about opportunities for externships and internships.  
Fun Fact: I rescued a puppy from Mexico! 
Webmaster: Emily Oceretko
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI & Phoenix, AZ 
 Class Standing: First-Semester Junior
 Summer 2017 Plans: Extern @ Grant Thornton, EY, BDO; also, working part-time at Old Navy
 Favorite thing about ASA: This club brings the best balance of  professional and casual networking with top accounting firms    and students.
Fun Fact: I love kayaking!
 Activities Coordinator: Dean Blackmer
 Hometown: Westlake Village, California
 Class Standing: Junior
 Summer 2017 Plans: FSO Assurance Internship, EY, Los     Angeles
 Favorite thing about ASA: I enjoy the friends I have made in     ASA.
 Fun Fact: I like to travel! 
 FESO Chair: Mary Hall
 Hometown: Marin County, CA
 Class Standing: Junior
 Summer 2017 Plans: Externships & Working
 Favorite thing about ASA: Being able to network with a variety  of professionals from different firms. Also the food!
 Fun Fact: I am a big San Francisco Giants fan! 
 Food & Banquet Coordinator: Hannah Miller
 Hometown: Tucson, AZ
 Class Standing: Sophomore
 Summer 2017 Plans: TBA
 Favorite thing about ASA: While this club provides great     opportunities professionally and academically, one of its biggest  strengths are the members. Both regular members and the        board members happily reached out to me both as mentors and  friends. Everyone is always willing to help you and offer support,  in addition to sharing a love for accounting. 
 Fun Fact: I have been to 7 different countries!
 Project Coordinator: Jared Smith
Hometown: Sunnyside, WA
 Class Standing: Senior
 Summer 2017 Plans: PwC Risk Assurance
 Favorite thing about ASA: Meeting new people.
 Fun Fact: I went zip-lining in Costa Rica.