Is Permanent Underarm Hair Removal A Possibility

Many women and some men dream of never having to shave again and again. Permanent underarm hair removal is an option and you will  never have to shave again or wax your armpits.

There are two most common procedures for permanent hair removal. One is electrolysis and other is laser hair removal. Electrolysis tedious and targets each and every single hair follicle.  This procedure is very expensive, especially if someone is looking to remove a substantial amount of hair.

The second option is under arm laser hair removal and this process targets specific cells in the armpit area that permanently remove the hair.

Electrolysis Vs Laser

Electrolysis has been around for over a hundred years, and laser 40 years.  However it does not really matter. Do not make your decision based on age. The electrolysis can be quite painful and leave burns on the skin, and even scarring. On the other hand laser hair removal is literally pain-free and has minimal side effects if the procedure is done properly. The only disadvantage of laser is that it is not effective on the finer hairs specially for those that are on the face or arms.

If you want to remove hair from the face or arms, then you might opt for electrolysis. One quick-fix process is bleaching the hair to hide it better. Many women do this for not only arm and face hair, but also pubic hair removal

One thing you need to remember is to complete your permanent hair removal process, you need more than one treatment. The main reason why is that hair grows at varying angles, and both electrolysis and laser sometimes doesn’t get them on the first try. These treatments can be spaced out between 3 to 12 weeks if you like.