Hei-Julor: Transformational Project

SofTtribe has undertaken a lot of projects such as Akatua, their standard payroll software program, Hei Julor-  an emergency alert system, however, Hei Julor seemed to be most transformational. Hei Julor is a low cost, mobile based, mass market security alert system for Africa.  Unlike their other services that can be rivalled with others in the software market, Hei Julor is the first of its kind to ever emerge in Africa. To use this application, you flash or send a blank SMS to Hei-Julor and it will : 
  •     Alert the Ghana Police Service.
  •     Alert your private security company .
  •     Contact up to ten of your family and friends.
  •     Alert a radio station.
For a fee of FIFTEEN Ghana cedis  or (4euros /$5) and  this emergency alert system will be at your disposal .
The name "Hei Julor" was birthed out of the Ghanaian system of every one being their neighbours keeper, and at the sign of theives... scream "Hei Julor"and they come together to apprehend the thief. 
To subscribe to this service,  a  customer needs only to buy a starter pack which has a code. This code must be sent to SofTtribe company through an SMS. A phone call is made for confirmation. The kit also comes with a "Hei Julor"sticker to warn robbers away. 
"We want to protect Ghana from becoming a rogue state full of crime", Chinery-Hesse told DW TV. 
Success stories have come pouring through. Chinery-Hesse stated an instance when a man suffering from a mild stroke sent a blank SMS and was saved. 
It is one of their successful products in Ghana, the company plans to sell it to the Nigerian market next. SofTtribe is affiliated with certain security companies including 3rd eye,G4s, Kenthouse security, and Edem security.