Index – notes about Mayumarri and Heal for Life

In 2006, Richard Guilliatt's article The Untouchables in The Australian Magazine highlighted a number of issues with the Mayumarri Healing Centre and what is being promoted as the 'Mayumarri Healing Model'.

The following notes provide additional background information on the centre, its founder Liz Mullinar, its promotion of ritual abuse mythology, and its flawed and dangerous approach to psychotherapy:

Page 1 –  Liz Mullinar's allegations
It seems the allegations she has made about her father are open to question

Page 2 –  Discredited memory recovery techniques

A range of discredited memory recovery concepts and techniques appear to be routinely applied by the Heal For Life organisation

Page 3 –   Satanic Ritual Abuse mythology

Largely dismissed by researchers and other professionals as a 'moral panic', Satanic Ritual Abuse is actively promoted as a real social phenomenon by Liz Mullinar and the Heal For Life Foundation

Page 4 –  Additional notes
Where to take action against psychotherapists engaging in dangerous and unethical practices

mail to provide corrections or additional information about the Heal For Life Foundation. Names and email addresses are not published unless requested.

An overview of the broader issues around the practice of psychotherapy and the manipulation of memory can be found at the Memory & Justice website.