Each registered student organization (RSO) is to have a Constitution in which their organization follows .  Our Constitution conveys the principles in which our organization is governed by and is also used as a way of stating what  is expected of all members.
Below is the Constitution each member of UT is to abide by.  The Constitution will be reviewed at the first practice following auditions.  Each member is expected to read and understand the Constitution, the Member Contract, and the Homecoming and Menagerie policies fully.  In order to ensure your understanding, we ask that you print our Constitution (at the bottom of this web page you can download our Constitution), sign the slip at the bottom of the Member Contract, and turn it into an Executive Board member at the next practice.

Untouchables Dance Incorporated (UT)


Executive Board 2016-2017

Advisor: Mr. Vaughan White

Co-Presidents: Stephanie Rothenberger & Elizabeth Sousa

Vice President: Quincy Jennings

Secretary: Ashley Marshall

Treasurer: Elizabeth Taylor

Public Relations: Amanda Kiel

            Our organization, Untouchables Dance Inc., is a promising active organization that offers students the opportunity to showcase dancing talents without discrimination.  We are a non-selective organization as everyone who has the desire to be a part of our organization is allowed to do so.  We dedicate ourselves to expression through various forms of dance including, but not limited to: hip-hop, ballet, tap, jazz and any other genres our members are interested in.  Through different venues we hope to encourage diversity on our campus by unifying students with a common interest in dance without focusing solely on race, creed, dancing style or cultural taste.

We will use our common interest and love for dance to entertain our university and the surrounding communities with two yearly shows and several appearances in other organization's events. Our two yearly shows include our Homecoming Angle Performance in the Fall Semester and our Dance Menagerie in the Spring Semester.  In addition to our performances, we will use our talent to aid children within our community by offering dance workshops and participating in organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS).

            Anyone and everyone is welcome regardless of dance style, gender, and experience, however, there will be a closed audition for those who have the desire to dance in our upcoming performances.  


Dancer/Member Rules & Guidelines:

By being a member of this group:

  • You must exhibit commitment, desire and enthusiasm for UT.
  •   You must demonstrate a positive attitude.
  •   You must be willing to accept constructive criticism and be understanding to the fact that we are here to build each other up instead of tearing each other down.
  •   You must also adhere to the Dance Attire & Attendance Policy below.

Dance Attire Policy:

            Please wear clothing that is comfortable.  This may be dance attire and dance shoes or something as simple as sweatpants, a tee-shirt, sneakers or dancing bare feet.  It is important that you are comfortable and psychically able to dance in whatever you choose to wear so keep this in mind when selecting an outfit as it is not acceptable to have limited participation at practices due to inappropriate attire.

Attendance Policy:

  • You must be on time to all practices, meetings and performances
  • Dancers are allowed to miss up to 3 practices, however, mandatory rehearsals and meetings are to not be missed as they are mandatory for all members to attend.
  • If you cannot make a practice or meeting, you must inform an Executive Board member as soon as possible.   At least 24 hour notice is required (except in emergencies).
  • If you exceed the 3 missed practices or you miss a mandatory rehearsal or meeting then you will not be able to perform in the next event.
  • Our organization is responsible for completing 2 SGA recognized events each semester or at least 1 recognized event and 1 community service, therefore, we expect our members to apply this attendance policy to the events we take part in.

Note:  When you join UT, this does not guarantee that you will participate in every dance.  Each dance is taught and auditioned individually and decisions are made at the discretion of the choreographer.


Member Contract

Performance Outfits:

            UT makes every effort to keep the amount of money that members pay as low as possible.  However, our university will not supply us with funding for performance attire.  It must be understood that each member is responsible for paying for their own attire.  Every effort will be made to try to raise the money through fundraising, but UT or Appropriations will not be able to cover the expenses.  We try to keep Homecoming and Menagerie attire under $40, but if you are unable to cover the expenses for your attire you are required to speak with an Executive Board member.

Be On Time for Practice:

            Practice days are Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays unless otherwise noted.  If you arrive late it is your responsibility to learn what you have missed from another member.   We cannot go back as a group to re-teach something that you have missed because of our time strain for upcoming performances.  Therefore, it is not fair for the choreographer or the rest of the group to have to slow down progress for anyone’s inability to attend.


Cell Phone Use:

            If you have to use your cell phone, please be courteous and do so outside the practice room.   Phones should be kept on vibrate and are to be used prior to practice, during breaks, and after practice.  If a circumstance arises where you are unable to keep your phone on silent you are required to speak with an Executive Board member and/or the choreographer prior to practice.


Homecoming & Menagerie Policies

1.   Members are allowed to miss 1 practice as long as it is discussed with an Executive Board member. Exceptions are made for those with class schedule conflicts. Please note that the Attendance Policy will be strictly enforced the week prior to these performances.  If you miss any practices before Homecoming and the Menagerie without notifying an Executive Board member ahead of time, you will not be allowed to participate in the performance.

2.      Each member is responsible for paying for their own outfits.

3.      The final performers for each dance performance are chosen at the discretion of the choreographers.  Everyone will get to perform in a dance at some point during the year.

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I _________________ have read and understand this constitution, the member contract, and Homecoming and Menagerie policies fully.  I promise to adhere to Untouchables Dance Inc.’s policies and will accept the stated consequences.



                                                                                                        Member’s Signature and Date

Untouchables Dance Inc.,
May 14, 2011, 7:43 PM