Salisbury University's 
Untouchables Dance, Inc.

The Untouchables dancers are a diverse group of dedicated individuals who all come together for their shared love of dance. We express ourselves through various forms of dance including, but not limited to, Hip Hop, Lyrical,Tap, Jazz, and Modern.We also explore different cultures through dance by learning from fellow members. For example, styles such as African, Indian and Latin American. Recently we have began mentoring young dancers through a step team, ballet class, and cheerleading squad. In the upcoming year, we hope to extend the mentoring program by starting a jazz class and continuing the programs from years past. We are willing to try anything our members can bring to the group and love to share our passion for dance with those who share a similar passion!

2014-2015 UT Executive Board:

    Co-Presidents: Stephanie Rothenberger & Elizabeth Sousa
Vice President: Quincy Jennings
Secretary: Ashley Marshall
Treasurer:  Elizabeth Taylor
Public Relations: Amanda Kiel 
Delegates: Katlin Clemons, Micah Muessig, & Thomas Mannion

We're not just friends, we are a family.

We would like to thank our friends and family for all of their love and support!