WNY's Most Exciting, Energetic, and Fun Rock 'n' Roll Band...The Untouchables!

 "The Untouchables play every show like Madison Square Garden."

(Dunkirk Observer 3-31-07)

  For booking information, e-mail Jeff at jeffjulian10@gmail.com

or call (716) 485-8748.

"You won't meet a group of guys more dedicated to entertaining you." 

(Dunkirk Observer 3-31-07)


The Untouchables have 

over 30 years of experience and the professionalism to make your wedding reception, anniversary celebration, graduation party, or any other event run smoothly.


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We always have a great time at our shows...why not come out and join the party?


Here's our schedule:


Sun.31 NEW YEAR'S EVE! Westfield Moose 9-1


Sat.6 Big Inlet Brewing 5:30-8:30 (Acoustic Trio}

Sat.27 21 Brix 7-9


Fri.2 64 On The Rocks, Fredonia 8-11

Sat.3 Celoron Legion 8:30-12

Sat.10 St. Joseph's, Gowanda 6:30-10-30

JUNE 2024

Fri.14 Wedding, Bemus Point 6-11

Sun.23 Cassadaga Floating Stage 5-7

Fri.28 Warren Park 7-9

JULY 2024

Tues.9 Silver Creek Park 6-9

Sat.27 Dunkirk Yacht Club 7-10

Sun.28 Jazz & Blues Festival, EBC Ellicottville 7-10


Tues.6 Cherry Creek Park 6:30-8:30


Sat.5 Farrah Grotto, Warren PA 7-10

Sat.26 Wedding, Cassadaga Red House

"A sincere thank you from The Untouchables to all of the good folks who have continued to come to our shows through the years. We appreciate your support, and we're always happy to see you."


 -The Untouchables

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For the past three decades, The Untouchables have been entertaining audiences throughout Western New York and Pennsylvania with a blend of rhythm and blues, oldies rock and roll, classic soul and a wide range of other musical styles. Notable venues include the Dunkirk Music-On-The-Pier series and return engagements at the Ellicottville Jazz and Blues Festival and the National Comedy Center, opening for Lewis Black, Margaret Cho, and Taylor Tomlinson. This multi-instrumental group delivers a high-energy performance designed to get the crowd onto the dance floor and keep them there!

All of the band members interact constantly with the crowd in a show that's entertaining and fun, combined with a sound that's both soulful and powerful! 

Here are videos of The Untouchables performing at the Jazz and Blues Fest in Ellicottville, NY on July 17, 2021: 



Here is a short video of The Untouchables at The Fish in Bemus Point, NY on June 13, 2021:


The Untouchables performing at the Dunkirk Pier on August 12, 2022:


The Untouchables recently performed for a livestream event hosted by the Chautauqua Lake Association. You can watch the performance here: https://youtu.be/iiSAk97y7N8 

Audience interaction at EBC in Ellicottville! (July 27, 2019)


BILL SCHINDLER - Drums, vocals

BILLY LISA - Guitar, harmonica, vocals  


MIKE DIETZEN - Bass, vocals

 JEFF JULIAN - Sax, guitar, vocals

IAN HILL - Keyboards, vocals

On the Job...




Here's our black and white section!




Would you like to get to know The Untouchables better?

Let's have a look BEHIND THE SCENES, when the band is not onstage, in their most unguarded moments:


Ready to tackle an important gig, The Untouchables emerge from their offices.




Between performances, The Untouchables fine-tune their sound by re-investing their earnings into top-of-the-line equipment. In the photo below, Jeff unwraps his new American Strat to add to his collection. All of The Unouchables take pride in maintaining first-rate instruments.




Ever wonder what The Untouchables look like when they're not on the stage? 

When they're not dressed in The Untouchables' outfits of black ties and fedora hats, the boys like to show off their sense of style...

Offstage, moments before the start of an Untouchables performance, Jeff is in search of his pre-show steak. Instead, he finds out that turnaround can be a bad thing--when an animal devours HIM.


Bill displays the fine specimen of vintage American craftsmanship that delivers The Untouchables to their performances in safety, comfort, and style.

The Untouchables are reliable!

Determined to make it to every job on time, The Untouchables refuse to allow anything to get in their way...


...not even jaywalking pedestrians.



In the unlikely event that we run into--or over--unforeseen circumstances, The Untouchables always find an alternative mode of transportation.

Here's one option...

...and another.


No matter what it takes, The Untouchables always make it to the performance!

 Why not follow them?

 Let's go ON THE JOB with The Untouchables!



Here's what it looks like on the stage during an Untouchables show...





Billy and Mike play to the crowd in Ellicottville...



                            ...while Bill plays a steady groove...

 ...and Jeff plays with fire.



Not sure we'll fit your needs for the venue you have in mind? The Untouchables' legendary adaptability makes them willing and able to perform in any setting!





No matter where they are, The Untouchables consistently strive to impose the highest standards on all aspects of their performances:



On the notes...

                                    ...on the beat... 

                                                                                                                                                            ...on the floor...



...and even on top of the bar.


Inevitably, in order to maintain those lofty standards, even virtuoso guest musicians such as Kevin Way are not immune to the careful scrutiny of the band...


Always mindful of those standards, The Untouchables know how to keep their volume under control...


...without losing the energy, good humor, and professionalism of their performances...



...and in the end, everyone goes away happy from an Untouchables show.





 For booking information, e-mail Jeff at jeffjulian10@gmail.com

or call (716) 485-8748.