Unteralterbach Guide ver 1.3 (English)


|Bernd and the Mystery of Unteralterbach 2.0 - Walkthrough FAQ ver. 1.3 |

|Publisher: Berndsoft                                                   |

|Developer: Berndsoft                                                   |

|System: Mac/PC/Linux                                                   |

|Genre: Visual Novel                                                    |

|Country: Germany                                                       |

|Language: Deustch/English                                              |

|Number of Players: 1                                                   |

|Released Date: 2014-06-22                                              |

|Rating: +18 (Explicit Sexual Content)                                  |



















I just found this jewel by accident. Which tell me once again that good things are found when you are not looking for them. This game comes from Germany. I didn't know germans used to make lolicon hentai games. But they did it great with this game: Beautiful arts and BGs, funny soundtrack and events and on the top of all: uncensored scenes! This version of the game is bilingual. You can play it either in the original German mode or English Mode. Just click in the little flag to switch between languages. You can download the game and OST from here: http://unteralterbach.net/ I think you can make a donation to support the developers. Maybe they can make the second part. Jailbaits this time. ;P







New Game



Display [Full Screen mode/Window Mode]

Skip [Seen/All]

      Abuse [Visible/Invisible]

            Text speed









When playing a game, right-click or press the escape key to enter the game menu. The game menu gives the following choices:


Display [Fullscreen/Window]

Switches between fullscreen and window mode.



Controls the display of transitions between game screens.


Text Speed

Controls the rate at which text displays. The further to the right this slider is, the faster the text will display. All the way to the right causes text to be shown instantly.



Controls the volume of the music. The further to the right these are, the louder the volume.



Sound effect, and voice channels, respectively. The further to the right these are, the louder the volume.


Main Menu

Returns to the Main Menu, ending the current game.



Allows you to save a game by clicking on a save slot.



Allows you to load a game by clicking on a save slot. Clicking on "Auto" accesses the automatic save slots.



Returns to the game.




Left-click, Enter

Advances through the game, activates menu choices, buttons, and sliders.



Advances through the game, but does not activate choices.


Arrow Keys

Selects menu choices, buttons, and sliders.



Causes skipping to occur while the ctrl key is held down.



Toggles skipping, causing it to occur until tab is pressed again.


Mousewheel-Up, PageUp

Causes rollback to occur. Rollback reverses the game back in time, showing prior text and even allowing menu choices to be changed.


Mousewheel-Down, PageDown

Causes rollforward to occur, cancelling out a previous rollback.


Right-click, Escape

Enters the game menu. When in the game menu, returns to the game.


Middle-click, H

Hides the text window and other transient displays.



Toggles fullscreen mode



Takes a screenshot, saving it in a file named screenshotxxxx.png, where xxxx is a serial number.


Alt-H, Command-H

Hides (iconifies) the window.


Alt+F4, Alt+Q

Quits the game.



When a save slot is selected, deletes that save slot.





It's pretty simple. To advance through the game, left-click or press the space or enter keys. When at a menu, left-click to make a choice, or use the arrow keys to select a choice and enter to activate it.





This guide is oriented to help you to score on the lolis (eleven in total). You can also score on the MILFS, but if you do that, you can't obtain all the loli scenes.



This section is only to help you to score on the lolis (eleven in total). You can also score on the MILFS, but if you do that, you can't obtain all the loli scenes. If you want only the MILFs, check the MILF QUEST MODE section.


Bernd's Apartment (Night)

"Yes, I'm tired of this idle life of mine."


Town Square (Day) (Overweight Villager)

"...please excuse me. I didn't sleep well last night."

"...I'm in a considerable hurry, and really have to go."


Office (Evening)

"No problem! It's just porn, after all..."



At some point you'll be able to click the button "Press" (top left of screen) but you have to do it when these sentences (in green fonts) are on screen:


"The girl next door has a few strange habits... Tolerant as I am, I never interfere. Except this one time."

"What misdeed did you see yourself forced to commit?" (Dialog Choice, Option 2)

"Okay...I admit that what I did maybe wasn't very nice, but it was necessary. We all know that such situations can occur from time to time."

"You „defended“ yourself by force..." (Dialog Choice, Option 2)

"So as you can see, you have nothing on me. All of us Unteralterbachers are decent people. Unlike you, I'm afraid."

"...really childish of you both." (Dialog Choice, Option 1)

"You know, one of my closest neighbors is a little girl. She lives in a villa and is alone a lot. I kind of act as her protector."

"That means you've misunderstood the situation." (Dialog Choice, Option 2)

"I watch over her from my window. I want her to grow up in a violence-free environment, and will do everything in my power to help realize this. After all, I'm a pacifist myself."

"...you're standing in a glass house." (Dialog Choice, Option 2)


Town Square (Night) (Festival)

"I should go meet the girls immediately."


Somewhere in Mecca at the beginning of the 7th century AD (Dream)

Palace (Day)(Palace Guard)

"Forgive my foolishness, good sir. How may I serve you?"


Inside Palace (Aisha and Mohammed)

"The new Samsung Galaxy!"

Prize: Decorated Dagger

"I will attend your lovemaking."




Outside Office (Day)(Laura Belanova)

"I'd like to find out more about who's causing problems for her."


Office (Day)

Prize: Camera


Outside Office (Day)

"'Course! They've probably got some good stuff."


Bakery (Day) (Baker Büttner)

"...fuck off at the speed of light?!"

Prize: Pretzel Sticks


Forest (Day)

"...I'll go right, towards this delicious smell of... strawberries."

"...take the tighter strawberry path. I prefer it tight."


Forest (Day)(Battle with forest fairies)

Just lose by clicking on "WAIT"




Outside Castle (Steffi von Schlechtenthal)

"...I have a particular interest in castles."


Inside Castle (Steffi von Schlechtenthal)

"Uh... How about no?"

Prize: CiD Songbook

"Out with it! What have your "witch daughters" done wrong, hmm?"

"Y-you seriously do this?"

"I should have a look around the castle, to see if I can find her twins."


Outside Castle

"I creep into the backyard to have a look."

"I look on the window sill."

"I look under the doormat."

"I won't move. Just stay quiet."

"I look in the bushes."

"I'd rather be impotent than caught."

"I'll call out for the girls."

"I'll call out for the key."



Click on footprints in the center of screen.

Then click on footprints in this order:










Dungeon Master (Joseph Ritzel)

"I jump cowardly to the side."

"I duck. Not much else I can do."

"I either strike first, or I die."

"This would only end in tears! I kick him without warning!"

"It's now or never! I kick him cowardly in the back."


Witch Twins Dungeon

"I'm completely in their power, whatever it is they're planning!"




Outside Dungeon

"Okay, but only because it's you. And not forever!"


Town Square (Night) (Annemarie)

"Oh well, I guess you'd explode if you didn't have someone to read it to."

"Let's just say that you're a young lady."


Outside Bernd’s Apartment (Day) (Crowd)

"So they could no longer take being locked up in a dungeon, then."

"...had two penises. Only then would they have agreed to move in with me."

"You've already squandered your credibility."


Inside Convention Center

"I'll head outside to the parking lot for some fresh air."


Outside Convention Center (Day)(Maja)

"Stay where you are, young lady!"

"Everyone deserves a bit of relaxation once in a while. This is gonna be great!"

"Oh well! I'll start my cuddle attack!"

"I...think I might actually enjoy that, Maja..."




Outside Convention Center (Day)(After banged Maja)

"...I keep that stuff safe for you?"


Prize: Maja's weed stash.


Town Square (Night) (Laura Belanova)

"...take a closer look, and show some courage!"

"Sure, Bernd. You just love hanging out with strangers."

"Indirectly support the Ukrainian mafia? Gladly."


Outside Laura's House

"Just let him watch then..."


Inside Laura's House

"Your wish is my command."




Town Square (Day) (Skinny Villager)

"It's far worse for the children here than you might think."


Office (Day)

"...some kind of phone."

"It's mine! Everyone wants to talk to me!"

"...this naughty „Kindergarten Manager“."

"Yes, Columbo here. At your service."


Büttner Bakery (Day)

"I'll check it out right away."

"Then I'll help myself you myself. But let's be quick."

"I'll give you a „cream pie“ you'll never forget!"




Free Walk Quest (Town Square) (Day)

(Note: The ingame save option is deactivated, but you can return to your apartment and use your computer to save the game anytime you want.)


From outside apartment click Right. Town Square. Click Straight, Straight. Convention Center. Pick THREADED ROD under the blue car of the left. On inventory, use THREADED ROD with RED HERRING under the car of the right. Return to Town Square. Click on upper left arrow. Return to Convention Center. Combine STEFFI 'S SONG BOOK with RED HERRING. Use ROLLED PICKLED with passage. Click on the trash can to the left of the tentacles. Combine RUBBER CHICKEN with PLASTIC BALL. Use SLING with the tentacles. Click on broken window of the grey car. Use IPAD with manhole. Go to the left. Click on Maja. Go to the Right, Straight. Inside Convention Center click Right. Pick up magazine on floor. Return to Town Square. Click on Laura Belanova on bench, click on bottom left arrow (to Pedro’s Pizzeria). Click on Henrike.


Outside Pedro’s Pizzeria (Day) (Alice Weißer)

"As if! And if I had a go, it would be every second one!"

"Leader?! Not even the German GILF-association wants you!"

"I bet all you really need is a good hard fucking!"


Outside Pedro's Pizzeria (Day) (Henrike Fuchs)

"Well, come here, you little cock-addicted hussy!"




Enter Pedro’s Pizzeria and leave. Go back to Convention Center. Get in. Click Right. Click on top arrow.


Inside Convention Center (Day) (Sascha Trollbo)

"Sasha, you Vodafone whore!"

"Just go back to Four Channel, you gaylord!"

"I hope they'll hang you, you schmuck!"

"...a fail-expert!"

"Blood Polka...!"

"Insert the CD"

Click on "Stop Playback" anytime to stop it.


If you listen it until the end, eventually will pop-up two choices:

1. "Again!"

2. "OK, that's enough."


Inside Convention Center (Day) (Kim Hartmann)

"And then we'll sit down at this laptop, Kim."




Click on bottom arrow. Return to Town Square. Click on top left arrow. Click on Jörg Mouss.


Rap Duel (Jörg Mouss)

"...but I'll dare it just the same!"

"I hear it goes far up, this clique."

"To hunt molesters effectively."

"...feigning excitement must have left you scarred."


Return to Town Square. Go straight. Click on Annemarie on bench. Return to Jörg Mouss. Click on him.


Rap Duel Again (Jörg Mouss)

"For hot, little girls make you shriek."

"'Cause pedo scum's what you were born to be."

"You'd much rather fuck kids in your yard."

"...those criminals have a lot to answer for."

"Luring pedophile trash to their doom."

"I have no doubt that that's how it is."


Return to Annemarie. Click on her.

Return to Jörg Mouss. Click on him.


Final Rap Duel (Jörg Mouss)

"For hot, little girls make you shriek."

"'Cause pedo scum's what you were born to be."

"You'd much rather fuck kids in your yard."

"...yet all you see in a child is a whore."

"And how many schoolgirls did that Werner groom?"

"Yet secretly, you long for a child to French kiss."


Click again on Jörg Mouss.


"...think up some way of dealing with the laptop."

"...carry it around with me through the village, until I can think of something."


Return to Town Square. Click on footprints by the trash can. Click on top right arrow (to Office). Get in.


Prize: Keychain


Return to Town Square. Click on footprints again.


Inside Advertising Column (Day) (Annemarie)

"Yes, my lady..."




Return to Convention Center and get in.


Inside Convention Center (Day)

"Alice Weißer is as good as dead!"

"I'll kick Karl-Gustav into orbit!"


Karl-Gustav von Schlechtenthal

"...nonsense you've said before, in Kelkheim!"

"...reciting text to strangers without indicating the original source."

"...a blatant copy and paste of Minister Jung's words."

"...your own, patronizing rambling, you bugbear."


"It's Baroness Steffi's turn now!"


Quick Time Event (Steffi von Schlechtenthal)

(Note: After each dialog choice you have a few seconds to push the correspondent key on your keyboard).


"...admire your radiant beauty, O Queen?" Push (X)

"...it easily surpasses the Versailles! Truly!" Push (A)

"...my shame in the face of your charitable nature." Push (Y)

"...a sign that the German monarchy is about to return." Push (X)


"Til Geiger needs to be taught a lesson!"


Til Geiger

"Well, it's all due to your education of her."

"...your horrible ex-wife?"

"It's quite the opposite! Haha!"

"You know I can't do this, little one."




Convention Center Auditorium (Day) (Battle with Ursula)

(Note: After every correct answer you have the opportunity to attack her. Just click on her face and then click on those moving spheres. Is a little tricky but not impossible. Good luck!)


"Tongue-twisting alliterations."

Backspace text and type Belanova, then press enter.

"Three."(Choose "Four" if you have sex with Laura the day of Free Walk Quest.)

"The Hymn of Bavaria."

"Section for the Eradication of Child Sex-abuse."

"The path to the right."

"A green cucumber."


If you still failed to beat her, there are additional answers:

"Stern forefinger."

"Pump Girlz."

"Colleague Huber."

After defeat Ursula (Rosie)

"Film it! Record it for future generations!"



Outside Apartment (Day)

"Sure. I'm not a coward anymore."

"It's okay. I'll be quick."


Pizza Palace (Day)

Here you can click on every character of the game. Also you can click on the magazine on the floor. (If you collected all 9 dvds you can see the covers here).


Finally, click on arrow sign by the stairs (Büro B. Lauert).

"Yeah. I'll take my leave and go upstairs, to my office."


Congratulations. You succeeded to complete the game.


*Last Scene

There is a final loli scene with...Bernd's little sister! (That's too much if you ask me).


How to get it:


Start a new game.


Bernd's Apartment (Night)

"Yes, I'm tired of this idle life of mine."


Town Square (Day) (Overweight Villager)

"...please excuse me. I didn't sleep well last night."

"...I'm in a considerable hurry, and really have to go."


Office (Evening)

"Ugh! Shit! My poor head. I've had enough, for good!"

"...and going back home to my family."


Bernd Basement (Day) (Laura Lauert)

"No way! I am, after all, a sick pig who needs to die."




Game Over.



This section is only to help you to score on the MILFS (four in total).


Start a new game.


Bernd's Apartment (Night)

"Yes, I'm tired of this idle life of mine."


Town Square (Day) (Overweight Villager)

"...please excuse me. I didn't sleep well last night."

"...I can be even more fit for you. *wink*"


Prize: Horse Mask.




Town Square (Day) (Overweight Villager)

"I'm great! You ride cock like a young filly."


Office (Day) (Jürgen Ziege)

"I beg a thousand pardons!"


Office (Evening)

"No! Never! It's either MILF porn or nothing at all!"

"...but I guess it's home time for me now. We'll continue this tomorrow."


Somewhere in Mecca at the beginning of the 7th century AD (Dream)

(It doesn't matter what you select)

"I am Allah, your god!"


Outside Office (Day)

"'Course! They've probably got some good stuff."


Bakery (Day) (Baker Büttner)

Prize: Pretzel Sticks


Outside Castle (Steffi von Schlechtenthal)

"...they showed me a picture of you."


Inside Castle (Steffi von Schlechtenthal)

"Say no more, Frau Queen!"

Prize: CiD Songbook

"I'll spare you from this torture, dear lady. Please relax."

"Because of the risk of masturbation. Of course."

"...it will make her happy if I join their organization."




Inside Castle (Steffi von Schlechtenthal)

"Wait a second..."

Prize: Police Tape


Outside Castle

"I creep into the backyard to have a look."


Town Square (Day)

"Commissioner Lauert must follow them immediately!"

"The right smells unambiguously of Lidl."


Outside Bernd’s Apartment (Day) (Crowd)

"Please calm down, because..."


Town Square (Day) (Skinny Villager)

"Please take a look at this „candy doll“."

"With the way you're pestering me, I guess I'll just have to give in."




Convention Center Auditorium (Day) (Demon Ursula)

"...she's a demon! My conscience won't let me align with her."









Here's the list of achievements you obtain by doing certain actions through the game. I don't know what you get if you get all of them because I can't complete the list yet. Any help will be welcome.


Getting Started - See 10 different intro quotes

After you see 10 different intro quotes.


Departure - Leave the basement

Obtained by playing the game for the first time. After leaving your parents basement.


Happy Family - Rape little sister

After loli scene # 11 with Laura.


Thick Skin - Demonstrate ability to work

In the Office (Evening) After click on this choice:

"No problem! It's just porn, after all..."


Bernd von Karma - Master the interrogation

After winning the interrogation on court.


One Thousand and One Thrusts - Bless Aisha

After loli scene # 1 with Aisha.


Nutrition Expert - Consume pretzel stick

After consuming the pretzel sticks from the bakery.


Bawler – Cry twice during battle

During your battle with the Forest Fairies, click on "ATTACK", then "CRY" twice.


Brat-Bashing – Defeat Forest Fairies

During your battle with the Forest Fairies, click only on "ATTACK", then "POWERS OF PERSUASION" during all the battle.


Storyteller - Bone Forest Fairies

After loli scene # 2 with Forest Fairies.


Moralizer – Join the CiD

Join the CiD, when asked by Steffi.


Granny Lover – Receive titwank from Steffi

After sex scene with Steffi.


Basement Kid - Flawless victory over Ritzel

After defeat Josef Ritzel.


Inquisitor - Bone witch twins

After loli scene # 3 with witch twins.


Forest Witch Loli Time - Fly home with the young witches

After flying home with the witch twins.


Better Safe Than Sorry - Spend leisure time at the KZ

When you 're inside the Convention Center choose this option:

"I'll have a look around the hallways."


Strawberry Harvest - Bone Maja Grünzeug

After loli scene # 4 with Maja.


Helmut Newton – Take photographs of Laura

When you're inside the house with Laura, choose this option:

"I'd rather not move around. I'll just sit in the couch and take photos of you."


Slav-Friend - Bone Laura Belanova

After loli scene # 5 with Laura.


Telecum - Use phone on Friday

After these choices in Office (Day):

"...some kind of phone."

"It's mine! Everyone wants to talk to me!"

"...this naughty „Kindergarten Manager“."

"Yes, Columbo here. At your service."


Master Confectioner - Bone Nele Büttner and Steffanie

After loli scene # 6 with Nele and Steffanie.


Source of Friction - Drive Alice Mad

After clicking 4 times on fence outside Convention Center.


Torn Inside – Rape Laura with broom handle

Go to the Evidence Room in the Main Menu, pick the Laura picture and use the broom from your inventory.


Slaughterhouse - Annihilate Trollbo

After the dead of Trollbo.


Cybercrime - Bone Kim Hartmann

After loli scene # 8 with Kim.


Rap Star - Diss Maus

After defeat Jörg Mauss on rap duel.


Poets and Boners - Bone Annemarie Reiter

After loli scene # 9 with Annemarie.


No, Daddy, No! - Bone Henrike Fuchs

After loli scene # 7 with Henrike.


Loli Poetry Listener – Listen to Annemarie's complete works

After loli scene # 9 with Annemarie, return to your apartment and leave. Then go to the street that leads to the Convention Center and speak with Annemarie.

"Uh...well, fair enough."


The Horned One - Bone Emily Geiger

After loli scene # 10 with Emily.


Would You Like a Rose? - Prostitute Little Ursula/Rosie

After defeat Ursula, choose this option:

"Film it! Record it for future generations!


Bernd-Style 4 Ever – Experience failure finale

After sex with Overweight Villager, Skinny Villager and Demon Ursula. (Need confirmation of this).


99% Fail – 10x Game Over

After 10 Game Overs.


Connoisseur - Watch Credits to the end

After watched the credits till the end.


Evidence Specialist – Completely fill evidence room

After sex scene with demon Ursula.


One Hand Gamer – Master pizza main path

Always talk with Pedro or visit Pizzeria. You will be rewarded nearly the end of the game.



There are 45 images in total.

Part of the images are obtained if you collect all the DVDs of the Witch Twins. (9 DVDs). Plus 1 DVD extra of Rosie.

Some images are obtained by Game Overs. (By skipping dialogues completely or bad decisions). (9 images)

By setting the Abuse to "Invisible" in the Options Menu. You get the images of newspapers (9 images).

Some images are obtained by different interactions with the girls (17).



|  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |


|  9  |  10 |  11 |  12 |  13 |  14 |  15 |  16 |


|  17 |  18 |  19 |  20 |  21 |  22 |  23 |  24 |


|  25 |  26 |  27 |  28 |  29 |  30 |  31 |  32 |


|  33 |  34 |  35 |  36 |  37 |  38 |  39 |  40 |


|  41 |  42 |  43 |  44 |  45 |




|IMAGE|DESCRIPTION|                   HOW TO GET IT                   |


|  01 | Interdeath|Start a New Game.                                  |

|     |           |Bernd's Apartment (Night)                          |

|     |           |"Ohoho, no way. Bernd-style is my style. :-DDD"    |

|     |           |                                                   |

|     |           |Town Square (Day) (Overweight Villager)            |

|     |           |"...please excuse me. I didn't sleep well          |

|     |           |last night."                                       |

|     |           |"...I'm in a considerable hurry, and really        |

|     |           |have to go."                                       |

|     |           |                                                   |

|     |           |Office (Evening)                                   |

|     |           |"Shut your face, gaylord!"                         |


|  02 | Pig's food|Town Square (Night) (Festival)                     |

|     | (a la     |"Run away now? I should fix this little            |

|     | Snatch)   |misunderstanding first."                           |

|     |           |                                                   |

|     |           |OR                                                 |

|     |           |                                                   |

|     |           |Bakery (Day) (Baker Büttner)                       |

|     |           |"...stay here and explain everything?"             |


|  03 | Starved   |Outside Office (Day)                               |

|     | to death  |"Nutrition is overrated!"                          |

|     |           |                                                   |

|     |           |Forest (Day)                                       |

|     |           |"...left! I'll go left. I love raspberries         |

|     |           |most of all."                                      |


|  04 |Nele's sexy|Forest (Day)                                       |

|     |pinup      |Appears before your battle with Forest Fairies     |


|  05 | Newspaper |After sex with the Forest Fairies                  |


|  06 |Witch Twins|Inside Castle (Steffi von Schlechtenthal)          |

|  07 |with       |"Out with it! What have your "witch daughters"     |

|  08 |cucumber   |done  wrong, hmm?"                                 |


|  09 | Lobotomy  |Inside Castle (Steffi von Schlechtenthal)          |

|     |           |"Uh... How about no?"                              |

|     |           |"Out with it! What have your "witch daughters"     |

|     |           |done wrong, hmm?"                                  |

|     |           |"Because of the risk of masturbation. Of course."  |

|     |           |"I should probably join their organization.        |

|     |           |That could end up being useful."                   |


|  10 | Barbecued |Outside Castle                                     |

|     |           |"I climb the ladder and go barbecuing."            |


|  11 | Newspaper |After sex with Witch Twins.                        |


|  12 | Newspaper |After sex with Maja.                               |


|  13 | Directly  |(When you meet Maja outside Convention Center,     |

|     |  to the   |prelude to sex)                                    |

|     | hospital  |"Stay where you are, young lady!"                  |

|     |           |"Everyone deserves a bit of relaxation once in     |

|     |           |a while. This is gonna be great!"                  |

|     |           |"Someone's coming! Put the joint away!"            |

|     |           |"Okay, I need to clear this up. Appeal to          |

|     |           |her reason."                                       |

|     |           |                                                   |

|     |           |OR                                                 |

|     |           |                                                   |

|     |           |(Outside Laura's house, prelude to sex)            |

|     |           |"I'll show that fine gentleman!"                   |

|     |           |"It's time I introduced you to my fists!"          |


|  14 | Newspaper |After sex with Laura.                              |


|  15 | Postcard  |Only if you fought with Josef and liberated        |

|     | of Josef  |the Witch Twins.                                   |

|     | and his   |                                                   |

|     | daughter  |                                                   |


|  16 | Newspaper |After sex with Nele and Stephanie.                 |


|  17 | Newspaper |After sex with Kim.                                |


|  18 | Feminist  |Outside Pedro's Pizzeria (Day) (Alice Weißer)      |

|     | club      |"You'd know that better than I would."             |

|     |           |"The world of women owes you their thanks.."       |


|  19 | Newspaper |After sex with Henrike.                            |


|  20 | Newspaper |After sex with Annemarie                           |


|  21 | Newspaper |After sex with Emily                               |


|  22 | Ursula    |Inside Convention Center (Day)                     |

|     | rules the |"Til Geiger needs to be taught a lesson!"          |

|     | world     |"I'm such a womanizer."                            |

|     |           |                                                   |

|     |           |OR                                                 |

|     |           |                                                   |

|     |           |In MILF Quest Mode:                                |

|     |           |Convention Center Auditorium (Day) (Demon Ursula)  |

|     |           |"...her opinion is just and right. It doesn't      |

|     |           |matter what she looks like."                       |


|  23 | Butchered |If you lose against Demon Ursula.                  |


|  24 |  Ancient  |After defeated Demon Ursula.                       |

|  25 | loli tales|                                                   |

|  26 |           |                                                   |


|  27 |  Emily's  |Drawings by Emily, only if you have sex with her.  |

|  28 |   hand    |                                                   |

|  29 | drawings  |                                                   |


|  30 |   Hand    |Drawings by Maja, Laura, Kim, Nele, Annemarie      |

|  31 | drawings  |and Henrike.                                       |

|  32 | by lolis  |Image 34 is obtained if you have sex with Laura the|

|  33 |           |day of Free Walk Quest when she's sitting on the   |

|  34 |           |bench at Town Square. (I need confirmation of this)|


|  35 | Grotesque |Outside Bernd’s Apartment (Day) (Crowd)            |

|     |  lolis    |"So they could no longer take being locked up      |

|     |           |in a dungeon, then."                               |

|     |           |"...had two penises. Only then would they have     |

|     |           |agreed to move in with me."                        |

|     |           |"You are correct, my lady. I'm sorry."             |


|  36 | DVD covers|If you collect all 9 dvds plus 1 DVD extra of      |

|  37 |           |Little Ursula/Rosie                                |

|  38 |           |                                                   |

|  39 |           |                                                   |

|  40 |           |                                                   |

|  41 |           |                                                   |

|  42 |           |                                                   |

|  43 |           |                                                   |

|  44 |           |                                                   |

|  45 |           |                                                   |




There are 9 DVDs you have to find in different places of the town. If you do that you can see the DVDs covers of the pornos that the lolis made in your picture gallery.


1. Outside Pedro's Pizzeria (Night): In the left plant.

2. Inside Pedro's Pizzeria (Night): On the shelf.

3. Outside Bernd's Apartment (Night): In the plant under the lamp.

4. Town Square (Day): In the tree next to the pole.

5. Street that leads to the Convention Center (Day): In the streetlight while speaking with Maja.

6. Auditorium: In the chair of the stage.

7. Inside your apartment (Day): In the kitchen right next to the faucet.

8. Outside your apartment (Day): In the top of the pole.

9. Outside the office (Day): In the trash can.

10. You get 1 DVD Extra nearly the end of the game if you choose this option with Rosie:

"Film it! Record it for future generations!"



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