The Movies and the Symbolism

This is  an video update on the interview  that Michael Tsarion did on the Red ice radio March 15, 2007

Michael Tsarion - Two Part Special on Movies and Symbolism vid
March 15, 2007

 Enjoy the excellent two hour (eight part) special interview with  Michael Tsarion, on movie symbolism, messages and analysis. We begin talking about the TV series "The Prisoner" and move on addressing the following films  Superman Returns, V for Vendetta, Fight Club, Vanilla Sky, The Da Vinci Code, National Treasure, Apocalypto. Seethe list below with links to the internet movie data base. You can stream the movies in the Recommended Movies and Movies Addressed links in the side bar. Learn about the symbolism and study it yourselves

More info at IMDb on:  Recommended Movies


Links & Sources to the program

(Occult Symbolism) Living Trinity by Solar (Video)


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