We send our heart-felt sorrow of the loss of Somalia refugees, lost in tragic transition seeking safety. It is said that when one human dies we have lost an entire generation.  In this case, the world has lost an entire population of new minds that would have contributed to social change and love in the many forms of human kindness.  With each voice and mind touched by such tragedy, the empathy extends beyond that of a lost generation.




1. Memorial: 
This program service is provided by trained staff consisting of individuals with varying levels of education and experience, financial support to underprivileged families in need of burial costs support due to the death of a loved one.  Intervention counseling and community resource support for families and individuals experiencing hardship due to the death of a loved one.

2. Contracted Services:
Program services provided to the client, within the category of contracted services, are provided off-site at other non-UnseenXS locations by other non-UnseenXS staff.  Contracted services are inclusive of, but not limited to: a) bereavement and burial goods and services of local community vendors, b) clothing provisions, c) housing and moving provisions and services, d) grocery and meal provisions and services, and e) transportation support.