Words of Wisdom

With partnerships of more than 10 non-profit organizations, we’re building the largest provider network to ever serve people with disabilities in our regions. Thanks to our medium size and over 5 years of combined experience, we’re providing for our members in ways that could never be done before and we’re doing it all with a local, personal touch. Unseenxs is for everyone who has an disability or who wants opportunity to help someone with a disability. 

Delivering services differs across UnseenXS programs, but in all cases is designed to make sure clients' needs are met. Access to multidisciplinary staff is clearly important, the experience of UnseenXS indicate that services can be delivered using the service model of UnseenXS. UnseenXS include specialists in mental health, substance abuse, and employment who meet regularly to discuss clients' needs and decide how to respond most appropriately. UnseenXS offer similarly diverse services, and report service across multiple platforms. 

Unseenxs complies with all anti-discrimination laws, including We explicitly prohibit offensive behavior (e.g. derogatory comments towards colleagues of a specific gender or ethnicity.) We recognize that sometimes discrimination is unintentional, as we may all have unconscious biases that could be difficult to identify and overcome. In case we conclude that an employee unconsciously discriminates, we will support them through training and counseling and implement processes that mitigate biases.

                                                                    Al0NZ0 CURRY, C.E.O. UNSEENXS