what is real? but what is unreal? we seem to know it well,or is it?
the reality we know is the product of society s common beliefs what has been tought to us by parents,then school and friends and the media of all kinds. but do we actually know the reality?!
every now and then appear in our so solid reality some facts(ghosts,alions-UFO-s...),what put our understanding of reality under a question. but we are not questioning the reality we know--we are questioning the facts--is this real or not(sounds familiar?).
this way we protect our common sense, cause we don t want the confusion and this way,denying new facts, we all protect our stability.
that s how society,on a personal level, protects itself.
but what about the huge amount of facts what are not combine with our "reality"?
usually these uncomfortable pieces of information are to be just rejected as they never existed !
         well,not by me! here i will write things what people usually are not believing.