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shopping madness

 This is the first game made by creative interactive! the launch date is may 23. the setup is rather simple, shopping carts ramming into stuff, knocking over shelves, and running over people. there is also an added twist, the shopping carts have machine guns mounted on them. they also have rocket launchers and nitrous boosters mounted on them too. this game is heading for pure mayhem!

as i said in the news, there was a lot that i didn't get to say in the presentation. if you were there, awesome! i am going to say those things here. one important thing that i didn't get to say was that the supermarket is actually much, much bigger than the one that i presented. that was just the demo, so it wasn't supposed to represent the quality of the final game. also, there is a two-player mode called deathmatch, where two people can play in split screen, and the goal is to blow the other person up more times than they blow you up in the time limit. that too, didn't get to be said. 


  you can download the demo here