Stake Venturing Forum


 When adult Venturing leaders know  that their own stake has ownership of Venturing forum (a.k.a. roundtable), they will have confidence in knowing that their time will be well spent in attending and that forum will be pertinent for  their needs. 

   Designate a Stake Venturing Forum Commissioner (note- AP/YW committee members have a parallel AP stewardship to train AP advisors). Have him work under the direction of the District Roundtable Commissioner to conduct Stake Venturing Forum. Utilize the sample forum schedule provided to guide your efforts in creating timely forum discussions that prepare Venturing leaders for important upcoming Venturing events (see also coordinated stake Venturing calendar).

   Designate half of the hour to Venturing training and half of the hour to Aaronic Priesthood training. Make it exciting. Encourage stake presidency members and bishops to attend so that their Venturing leaders can "return and report" on their stewardship. Hold the training every other month with VOA-led "Summit" events during the intervening months. Hold VOA (Venturing Officer Association- the equivalent of a stake Venturing youth committee) meetings following forum so that all stake Venturing meetings can be held on one night per month.