Basic Training

Journey to Excellence Goal- to earn 300 points (Gold level), do the following:
   -3 committee members complete Crew Committee Challenge (CCC)
   -1 advisor & 1 asst. advisor complete VN Advisor Position-Specific Training (VN-PST)
   -crew conducts the Introduction to Leadership Skills Course (ILSC)
   -crew organizes its youth leaders into crew officer positions.


   Designate a Stake Venturing Trainer (note- AP/YW committee members have a parallel AP stewardship to train AP advisors). Have him work under the direction of the District Trainer to provide "basic" Venturing training to each adult Venturing leader in the stake.

   The training sessions last around 2-3 hours and can be held on regular intervals in a ward building with all Venturing leaders and committee members whose ward is assigned to that building being invited to attend. Leaders from other wards who missed training in their building could also attend. Another option would be to train all of the Venturing leaders and committee members in a specific ward when ever their YM presidency reorganizes.