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Highland Utah East Stake Aaronic Priesthood Leadership Encampment at Beaver High Adventure Base- July 2012- (click here to see article)

    Disclaimer- This site is operated by Venturing volunteers from the Utah National Parks Council. Our objective is to help our Council's 23,000 BSA registered Venturing-aged LDS young men to benefit from the best of Venturing during their Aaronic Priesthood experience. This is NOT an official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Utah National Parks Council, or Boy Scouts of America.

     Resources provided on this page are based on the new BSA Venturing program introduced in June 2014. Included are suggested program templates to help LDS stakes establish a vibrant Venturing program that is focused on religious life. Venturing- 2014 encourages young men to complete their Duty to God, Eagle and Venturing Summit award pathways while having memorable experiences that help them become better prepared for priesthood advancement, temple covenants, full-time missionary service, and adult life. 

    This resource  features Venturing's four experience areas or pillars: adventure, leadership, and personal growth and service. Typical LDS teacher and priest quorums already implement the Venturing program very well without even being aware of it. Stakes can help them more fully implement Venturing with only a little additional focus in leadership and adventure. A stake can greatly assist the efforts of its crews by supporting a youth-led stake Venturing Officers Association (VOA) to take the lead in sponsoring key Venturing events.
The Stake    
-Basic Training                (PST,  CCC)
   Key Event  Resources       .xlsx)       
-Investiture Ceremony        

Additional Resources
    Leaders Manual           (.pdf)
    Program Features        (.pdf)
    Org Chart-bsa                  LDS (.docx)
    Leadership                  (.docx)     
    Journey to Excel.         (LDSsimple)
     UofSctng'15-LDS VN      (click then dwnld)
     HUESYMLeaders stake website

The Individual
   Other Resources:
       -Summit Trail Checklist    (.xlsx)  
       -Do Hard Things               (.docx)
The Crew
     Interest Survey- AIS:          BSA LDS (.xlsx) 
     Resources- PCI:                BSA LDS (.xlsx)
     Training:                            COO (dwnld); (ILS)
     Calender Planning Tool       (.xlsx)
     Key Events                        (.xlsx)
   Activity Planner          BSA1  BSA2  (ideas) 
                                              LDS (.docx, ggldoc)
   Crew Mtg Agenda-BSA LDS (.docx, ggldoc)  
   Summit Award            (web)
        Crew Tracker                 (.xlsx)
          Advisor's Helper            (.xlsx)
  Adventure   Personal Growth               (DTG) (CFM)

Note: to download the documents above, click on File>Download then open the file and save it to your computer. You are then welcome to then open the document(s) and modify them to meet the needs of your Stake.  For further information or questions, please contact UNPC Venturing Chair- Larry Call (, or UNPC Venturing volunteers-Gordon Lowe (, Lenard Brunsdale (, Karl Weenig (