WAKE 50 Miler & Trek Information

    WAKE Featured 50 Milers & Treks Resource Links:
(This page is a work in progress, please check periodically for updates)

    In keeping with our vision to inspire Venturers to "do hard things and finish them" in a "budget and environment sensitive manner," the Utah National Parks Venturing Officers Association recommend that you incorporate a 50 miler into your WAKE experience. To help you with this, we have created a resource of Featured 50 Milers & Treks. These trek options are designed showcase the outstanding natural resources and attractions as well as the BSA High Adventure Base Camps and their programs that are located in each of the six geographical areas within the Utah National Parks Council. Each trek includes a variety of trekking modalities and routes, nearby high adventure activity opportunities, logistical considerations, and strategic camping destinations. 
    Some of the treks are purposefully designed to be challenging, but most are meant to connect you to the key places in a gravity friendly manner with only 2-4 days dedicated to actual trekking. This leaves you plenty of time during your super-activity to incorporate other high adventure activities that are of interest to your group.
    Review the resources above, choose a trek that suites the interests of your crew, list it on your WAKE SURVEY when you submit it, and we will help you get started planning for it.