Nature of Leadership (NOL) Training Continua 
Boy Scouts Leadership Training Continuum         
   I-   ILST               Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops
   II-  NYLT*             National Youth Leadership Training                                  
   III- NAYLE            National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience 
Venturing Leadership Training Continuum**            
   I-   ILSC~             Introduction to Leadership Skill for Crews
   II-  Kodiak^          Kodiak Leadership Skills Course        
   III- Kodiak X^^      Kodiak X Leadership Skills Course
Adult Leader Training Continuum     
   I-   LST (Basic)      Leader Specific Training
   II-  Wood Badge   Wood Badge for the 21st Century
   III- Philmont         Philmont Leadership Challenge

*   UNPC's NYLT program is call Timberline. Varsity All-stars is not an officially sanctioned version of NYLT
**  BSA National does not identify an official NOL Continuum for Venturing. UNPC uses this continuum to better serve their 25,000 Venturing aged youth.
~   BSA National recommends ILSC as the level I leadership training for Venturing. Venturing Leadership Skills Course (VLSC) is still allowed as an alternative.
^    BSA National promotes Kodiak Challenge as their new version for Kodiak. UNPC will continue to use the old version- Kodiak Leadership Course-2007. The course is currently being re-evaluated and will likely be revised again in the near future. 
^^ Kodiak X is no longer promoted by BSA national but continues to provide an unofficial third tier leadership experience for older youth programs in UNPC, It is an excellent supplement to a LDS stake leadership encampment.
Resource documents and links are provided below to enable you to learn of, secure resources for, or to register for each course. Many of the links contain files for you to download (click File>Download) and use during the presentation of each respective leadership course. See also Common Leadership Language resources at the bottom of this page for further information. 
Level I- ILSC (or VLSC)
Position Cards -Crew     front-(.docback-(.doc)
                           -Adults  front-(.docback-(.doc)
                           -VOA     front-(.docback-(.doc 
Org. Charts-  StkVN (.doc), Crew (.doc), OYP (.doc) 
VLSC(click here) for resources

(UNPC promotes; BSA Nat'l allows)
    Commissions: OS, C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 CS
    Exercises: C1R1&2,  C3R1-3C4R1&2, C5R1
    Handouts- groupindiv.bag tag, materials 
    Kodiak-organizer,  scheduletrek planner
   Koidiak Challenge (BSA Nat'l promoted)
(UNPC approved and promoted)  
    Presenters: GG KdBrgRv OS C6 C7 CS  
    Bag Tag (Frnt Bck)  NOL&LAS   NOLBrdg
for Stake Kodiak X inquiries: blowe1532@gmail.com