High Adventure Planning

Match your crew's experience level and capability in high adventure with the various HA resources available through Utah National Parks Council listed below to create the ultimate outdoor experience. Then follow the BSA tour planning process to become properly trained and prepared to turn your plans into safe, challenging, youth-led adventure that will empower your crew and it members to "Do Hard Things and to Finish Them"

Crew Experience Levels

1- Minimal

“Show us the best of 

High Adventure”

2- Intermediate

“Help us plan 

our own adventure”

3- Experienced

“We got this, 

but could use some great 

ideas and resources

UNPC HA Resources

 1       HA Base Camp
1,2     Staffed Programs
Vendor Programs

  2      WAKE Consultations
  2      Group Encampments

 2,3    Equipment Rentals
 2,3    Preferred Vendors
 2,3    Outpost Campsites
 2,3    HA Zones in UNPC
    3    HA Planning Guide
    3    Western Region HA


HA Training Continuum

Level I - Basic Training

E-learning- Youth Protection,  Climb On Safely, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, Physical Wellness, Trek Safely, Weather Hazards; Courses- Outdoor Leadership Skills course (for Varsity Scouts); Other- Safe Scouting, Tour Plans, Leave No Trace, CPR, Health Forms

Level II - Powder Horn

Who? For adult advisors & youth HA leaders 

Why? Learn to facilitate youth-led HA 

What? 3-day course providing hands on experience with experts for minimum of 10 HA elements 

Where/When? Beaver Base- (Aug),  Wasatch/ CLAS Ropes- (Sep),  

St. George/ Thunder Ridge- (Mar)

Level III – Specialty Specific

Certifications- NRA, Climbing Instructor, white water, canyoneering, etc.