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Annual Planning Meetings & Introduction to Leadership Skills Courses

    It is recommended that you conduct the Introduction to Leadership Skills course (ILST or ILSC) or (Venturing Leadership Skills Cours- VLSC) each time you change the leadership in your unit  which should typically take place every 6 to 12 months. Below you will find various resources to help you conduct the leadership courses in conjunction with your annual planning meeting (Annual Troop Planning Clinic, Crew Officers Seminar, VOA Retreat) which is held (typically in August) before the beginning of the next calendar year.
    This annual planning meeting can be held as a single day event, an overnight retreat or over multiple evenings. Key components of the meeting are: 
  • Planning Meeting Preparation- pre-calendaring, interest surveys, resource inventories, advancement tracking are all updated and a pre-course meeting with the adult advisor and president/senior patrol leader takes place to plan for the upcoming ILS course presentation
  • Youth Leadership Training- the ILS course (or Venturing Leadership Skills Course- VLSC) is typically presented by the outgoing youth leaders and/or the newly appointed president/senior patrol leader
  • Youth Leader Appointments/Elections- a new president/senior patrol leader is typically chosen in advance while the remaining youth leaders may be chosen during the meeting
  • Calendaring Session- an annual calendar of events is planned based on results of pre-calendaring, survey results, resources, & advancement needs
  • Activity Leader Assignments- youth leaders are assigned to plan, and lead (chair) the various activities that have been scheduled for the upcoming year based on the nature of their leadership position, their interests or special abilities, or on the needs of the unit.
  • Parents Night Planning- youth plan how to present their upcoming annual program to their parents, families, and younger Scouts. These parent nights or open houses can typically held in conjunction with a recognition event to celebrate the completion of and achievements earned during the previous program year or period.
  • Business Session- it also may be an appropriate time to discuss such items as uniforms, bylaws or other procedures crucial to the operation of the unit.
  • Activities- when the planning session is presented as a full-day event or retreat, various outdoor activities or adventures may be added to it to make the event more fun and memorable.
    You are welcome to download the documents provided below and modify them to suit your needs as they are meant to be templates to assist you in your planning for your annual planning meeting: