Thanks to an acquaintance of yours truly, Lucky Ladybug, in the Perry Mason Yahoo Group, I discovered an amazing website where old New York newspapers can be searched. Crystal and I have explored and found a treasure trove of information for every Simon Oakland fan. This is a wonderful resource! It's so exciting that these vintage newspapers have been preserved and are searchable online. We encourage everyone to visit the website and perform searches of their own. There are many fascinating tidbits concerning Simon, as well as the full-length articles we shall link to here.

Directly About Simon

Simon Article #1 In which Simon discusses his characters and how he approaches his roles.

Simon Article #2 In which Simon muses on the amusing phenomenon of being greeted by random people who recognize him from somewhere, but can't recall where.

Simon Article #3 In which Simon discusses about some of his memorable experiences as an actor. (Note: this is from Google news archives, so to read this, you need to click and drag the article along--scrolling won't work...)

Related to Simon's Works

Hawaii Five-O Article #1 While more about the (then new) series Hawaii Five-O, it includes a very interesting conversation between Simon and Jack Lord concerning television violence.