Update: August 28, 2012. On this day, what would've been Simon's birthday and is the first anniversary of this site, we are celebrating with an image gallery from the Kolchak episode "Horror in the Heights," plus a new musing for the blog!

April 7th, 2012. A short fanfiction story concerning Mel Barnes and William Poole has been added.

April 1st, 2012. A new image gallery and page have been added for Captain Beechum.

Welcome to the Unofficial Simon Oakland Tribute Page!  This page was put together in honor of one of the greatest and most versatile character actors of all time, Simon Oakland, famous for roles like Lt. Schrank from West Side Story and Tony Vincenzo from Kolchak: the Night Stalker.  Both of the webmistresses are huge fans of Mr. Oakland and his work, and set up this site upon realizing that there did not seem to be any already.  It's our hope to help ensure that this wonderful actor will always be remembered!

This website is currently under construction, but we hope to have a lot of sections up and running soon!

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Please note: This website is in no way affiliated with the family of Simon Oakland, nor with any of the companies holding copyrights on his works. All images herein were screencapped from the official releases by Lucky Ladybug and Crystal Rose (unless noted as having been taken by someone else) and are intended for non-profit, informative, fair use only.