Proceeds from this handbook go to fund projects led by Peace Corps Volunteers throughout the world. This is another way this handbook is unique, it is a service project that gives back to everyone involved. One year you might buy the handbook, the next year you start your Peace Corps adventure and start writing in your handbook, and the next year you might start a service project with the handbook as one of your funding partners with the help of the Peace Corps Partnership Program.

We are all part of the worldwide Peace Corps community, helping Volunteers have happy, healthy and meaningful years of service.
We hope this handbook is a valuable resource that adds to the unique and incredible experiences of each Volunteer who reads and writes in it. We are honored you are here with us. Thank you and good luck! We wish you the very best. We are honored to help Volunteers, the heart of the Peace Corps, who are accomplishing great things and furthering the Peace Corps mission day in and day out. We would love to hear about your projects and ideas! Please join the discussion on Facebook anytime!

All proceeds for each edition (released each August) will be held until August of the next year when the Service Committee will determine which projects in the Peace Corps Partnership Program to fund for that year. The Service Committee will meet for the first time in August of 2011 to allocate funds from the first edition of the Unofficial Handbook.