National Peace Corps Association, with over 30,000 members, is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization supporting PCVs, RPCVs, and Peace Corps friends and family around the world.
Peace Corps Wiki is a collaborative project whose goal is to create a free, interactive, and up-to-date source of information about serving as a Volunteer with the United States Peace Corps. is an opportunity for the 200,000 Peace Corps Volunteers who have served since 1961 to collectively celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps in 2011.
Peace Corps Partnership Program, to which we donate proceeds from every handbook, helps Peace Corps Volunteers advertise and raise funds for community development projects worldwide.

Peace Corps Merit Badges is a service project dedicated to improving lives by partnering with host communities and friends to further the Peace Corps mission with merit badges and accessories.

Aisle 7 Studios, who designed our book covers and promotional video, specializes in graphic design, photography, and web design.

North Carolina Peace Corps
Association is dedicated to promoting the Third Goal of the Peace Corps, building group spirit and cooperation, promoting service, and serving as an example to others.
Advance Humanity Publishing, who helped us design and publish this handbook, is an organization dedicated to helping people change themselves and change the world.

University of Florida Peace Corps Recruiting Office helps UF students interested in becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer to meet others who are interested, talk with RPCVs and assist those interested in applying for the toughest job they'll ever love!

Peace Corps Journals is the largest and the most up-to-date online archive of real stories told by over 7,000 Peace Corps Volunteers all over the world!

Kansas University Peace Corps Recruiting Office helps KU students interested in becoming Peace Corps Volunteers and applying for the toughest job they'll ever love!
University of Tennessee Peace Corps Recruiting Office helps faculty, staff, RPCVs, and well-connected students who support the recruiting efforts for Peace Corps at the University of Tennessee.

University of South Florida Peace Corps Recruiting Office serves with Peace Corps Ambassadors to USF to support anyone interested in the Peace Corps process!