C series

The C series are mini frame tents with sloping flat roofs rather different in form to the more traditional chalet/bungalow style

Jeremy kindly provided us with a full C series brochure page probably from the 2000 model year (judging from the model codes). The other stock pictures we have from 2001 (bottom of the page) shows different detailing and slightly different window shapes of the later models. You will also find 3 Berth Atlantic/Etna models listed in some of the more recent Catalogues

The (probably) 2000 brochure also shows the very rare Sun Canopy (alas the picture is a little too small and fuzzy to see it well)

The great appeal of these tents was the ease of pitching, and compact yet very usable interior space. They were available in 4 sizes, the smallest of which were the two berth Calvi based on the even earlier Etna 2 Berth but not a model that was in production for long, the Calvi certainly wasn't in the 2001 model line up

The three berth Calais has survived many catalogue updates and was still in the range up to 2009 under the model names of Etna and Atlantic (a near identical Aluminium Frame model)

The four berth Champagne and the five berth Chambord have a less clear history at the moment but are still very practical and attractive Frame tents well worth seeking out

please if you have any history, catalogues, pictures etc do get in touch