Wire VS Wire 3 is a recruiting and fundraiser event for UNO's ACM group. Date and time will be February 16th, 2019 from 10 am to 10 am February 17th..

Tickets are sold in advance via LanReg.org!

Ticket Pricing:


What Comes with a Ticket?

        • Reserved Seat / Table space
        • Lunch with drink (12 oz soda / water)
        • Dinner with drink (12 oz soda / water)
        • 2 snack tickets (bag o chips, etc more details to come)
        • 2 extra drink tickets (12 oz soda / water)

~ Concessions will be available with pricing TBA ~

Click link below to see the seating chart and register for the event!

Things to Bring

  • Ethernet cord (We have some to rent but may run out)
  • Power Strips
  • Computer (Laptop, Desktop, Switch, Xbox)
  • Monitor (NOTE: two monitors can work only if your table partner is OK with it. A standard seat only has 30~ inches, so make sure to buy 2 tickets if you want to have a multi monitor setup - yes you will get double the food with your 2 tickets)

TIP: Don't forget to bring anything your computer accessories need such as batteries, charging cables, mice, and or keyboards.

Table Space

Size of table space of 30 inches by 24 inches. We will have chairs and tables for everyone. You are also more than welcome to bring your own chair if you want a comfier experience than PKI's seats 🤣

More Details

New year new features!

The admins have finally got off their butts and have started organizing - whoa crazy right?! We decided to use 2 tourney bracket sites this year mainly because no one can apparently do everything right in a single platform. Namely you'll see links below for tourneys set up on Battlefy and Challonge. Challonge requires you to set up an account, but I believe Battlefy doesn't - go Battlefy!

Games - what we playin' dawg?

This year, we've tried to choose games that are easily accessible for everyone whether the game is dirt cheap to purchase, or a majority of the admins or people we know coming already have that game in their library.

What that means for you is that as long as you can bring yourself and maybe an Xbox or PlayStation controller and have a software like parsec installed the sky is the limit for what we can play as a group @ the LAN.

That doesn't mean we won't be playing $60 dollar prime time titles, we might just not have a tournament based on these titles since not everyone will have them. When you purchase your ticket PLEASE fill out the titles you want to play, this will help us figure out what to schedule for suggested game period so more people can join in!

Consoles @ a LAN? THIS IS MADNESS!!

This year we also have had a surge of interest to have consoles @ the LAN, and we will try our best to snag the study rooms next to PKI 158 "Fishbowl" to set up either tourneys, open play time, or something else for consoles like the Nintendo Switch. If you are interested in bringing your own console and want to either lend us or help us organize a game play time utilizing your console we would be honored and delighted to have help.

Please email cjkrist@unomaha.edu if you plan to bring your console and what games you want to play!

Suggested Game Periods - how will they work?

Suggested game periods are based on interest in certain games from the survey you will take after ticket purchase. If we see a lot of interest like say in CIV 5, the admins will open up a signup sheet likely before the LAN on this webpage and schedule an open play time for that game.

If you have an idea for a tourney based off the survey you took please email cjkrist@unomaha.edu and the admins will see what they can do to support the tourney!~