About ACM

We are a group of friends and a UNO club that like to play around with code. We go to competitions and also host the UNO programming competition that usually counts for extra credit and you can win prizes at. As a group we have won over $1200 in prizes at other programming competitions. We like to share helpful programming knowledge during the meetings and have some fun game nights to get to know one another better. Spring 2018 semester meetings are Thursdays 7:00 pm room 260 at PKI. Join our facebook group to get updates on meetings and when our fun night meetings will be.

What is Wire Vs Wire?

Wire VS Wire is our second LAN event for ACM at UNO. Attendees bring their computers to play multiplayer games and have fun meeting and playing with fellow players at the event. Anyone who enjoys playing computer games can attend: There is no age or gaming skill restriction. Wire vs Wire will be hosting several hourly suggested game periods and tournaments as well as 1 to 2 HTC Vive stations for people wanting to play VR!

Wire Vs Wire is for anyone who wants to have an amazing gaming experience whether it be playing with a ragtag team in a tournament or just playing their favorite video games and meeting new people. Whatever you play, you're welcome at the event!

If something is missing that you want to do - let us know by emailing wirevswire@gmail.com! Since our LAN is smaller than most, it is more than possible to add something at this point to the event if we have enough interest.

When is Wire Vs Wire?

The event starts @ 10am Feb 16th and will run for 24 hours until 10 am Sunday Feb 17th!!!

Google calendar event link: click to add to your calendar

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Where is Wire Vs Wire?

We are happy to announce that Wire Vs Wire will be held in PKI 158 and PKI 155 as an overflow / VR room!